Which Ways to Snow Basin?

After completing my household tasks yesterday, I drove up to Snow Basin Ski Resort (about 30 minutes away) with every intention of doing one last hike before winter sets in. Snow Basin is located on the other side of the Wasatch Mountain and it means there would be a temperature difference.

How much? I didn’t have a clue. I didn’t check the weather before I left. Too many things were occupying my brain.

The moment I stepped out of my car, I felt this cold breeze which sent an immediate shiver throughout my whole body. What is the temperature here?

Despite the cold, I still wanted to keep going. After all, I brought an additional jacket and pair of socks. If necessary, I would just put those on.

At the stop before the trail-head (the trail-head is where the car are parked), I took a few pictures capturing the fall colors. It will probably be the last time I come up here until next spring.

The moment I stepped out of the car at the trail-head, I wanted to get back inside. It was even colder than a few minutes ago. Can I do this? I asked myself. Can I hike in this cold?

I glanced at the time on my watch. I probably won’t get through in time because my mom was going to be home in a few hours. “Damn it,” I muttered beneath my breath and got back into the car. It was then I saw the temperature on the screen, 37-degrees-Fahrenheit.

Which Way Photo Challenge

5 thoughts on “Which Ways to Snow Basin?

  1. Yep… we just had our first really hard freeze last night. But our snow is higher up.

    Ha! I recognize that first shot. Mount Ogden on the right, the Needles center, and De Moisy Peak on the left. Somewhere in here is a photo of me skiing a chute down from the summit of De Moisy, maybe 12-years back?… absolutely terrifying. I’m not sure whether Mount Ogden or the Needles are actually withing the legit resort boundaries.

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