Unexpected Guests

Warning: Read on at your own risk. I cannot guarantee this post is safe for everyone with Arachnophobia. Continue reading “Unexpected Guests”

Photo101: Glass

When I was looking at these pictures for the first time, they looked like what an astronaut would see if they looked out the window of their space capsule. Except for the rose bush, it looked sort of like that to me.

Tell me, do you see it too?



Photo101: Treasure and Close Up

This assignment is a little tricky because it asks about treasures and yet, it showed a piece of delicious tart. Then I understood. The delicious tart is a symbolic way to say that things will be gone sooner or later. Therefore, we have to treasure it while it lasts.

So what is my treasure? I’ve been asked that question before when I took Writing 101 in April. Then, it was the things we treasure and I picked my iPod. I am not going to do that again.

My other treasure is symbolic. It is friendship. I don’t make friends easily but when I make a friend, I tend to hold on to that friend like a vise. So, I was a little sad when I had to move to Texas. Before I went, my friend gave me this last thing to hold on. She made it all, all out of straws (the kind you drank from). Although presently, we are merely just acquaintances, I have treasured this parting gift and I am so glad this assignment jogged my memory. wpid-dscf0091.jpg


She had taught me to make these stars once but I wasn’t as good as her. It’s quite difficult to pull the straw through such a small space with my chubby fingers. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Close Up

Photo101: Landscape

I take a lot of landscape shots but I rarely take panoramic picture. It’s just too time-consuming and having shaking hands do not help. However, when I can’t resist, I would spend however long to take a perfect panorama.


For some of you, you may remember this picture from last Christmas. This picture is about as perfect as I can make a panorama turn out. It took me five tries and about 30 minutes to take this single shot. It’s worth it though because I’m pretty sure they only decorate this area at Christmas. It is the scene when everyone gather to witness the birth of Jesus Christ.

I did not and am not going to crop this picture because then, it would destroy the purpose of a panoramic picture.

I have also prepare the following pictures to show but I don’t have anything to say about them. They are just some picture I took during one of my walks in the park.



Photo101: Architecture and Monochrome

I was actually dreading this assignment because there are really not much architecture around here that’s worth showing in color let alone in black and white. Now that the project at my other job complete, I just have to go to work once a week to update the inventory and I never bring my camera for that. Then this morning, as I was digging around in search of some landscape pictures, I came across these. They aren’t much but I’m sure they belong in the category of some sort of architecture. Continue reading “Photo101: Architecture and Monochrome”

Observation From My Walks

Originally, this was published under Photo101. The original title was: Photo101: Observation. Therefore, below are the original texts:

Since I don’t know what scale means, at least in terms of photography, I’ll just do observation.


From what I understand, observation is something we see and typically, the camera captures more or less than what we see. For example, in the picture above, my eyes are paying attention on the path several feet ahead while the camera captures the entire scene, no matter how I adjust it. I’m not sure if this is making sense to anybody. Ugh, I suck at explaining things. Anyway, the same goes for the picture below.


Did I achieve the goal of the assignment? Yes? No? Maybe?

Anyway, now, looking back, I think these pictures are great for the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Beneath Your Feet.

Photo101: Play with Light

I wish I had shown this picture for yesterday’s prompt because it was taken a little more than a hour after the sun had risen. At the time (April), the sun didn’t rise until a little after seven. Continue reading “Photo101: Play with Light”

Photo101: Moment and Motion

This is a picture of the University of Utah fountain. Continue reading “Photo101: Moment and Motion”

Photo101: A Pop of Color

So I haven’t really had the opportunity to go out and take some new photographs since mom has decided to only work one day a week now that she’s getting closer to being laid-off. It affect me going outside and taking pictures because she doesn’t believe in taking pictures without people in it. Continue reading “Photo101: A Pop of Color”

Photo101: Warmth

It’s quite hard to capture something using the sun as the source of light, I think. I’ve tried in the past as you can see in the picture below. It is a picture of the sun on a cloudy day. I was pulling the camera to its maximum zoom (3-times). That’s why everything else look like it’s taken with a cheap phone camera. Continue reading “Photo101: Warmth”

Photo101: Natural Worlds

Talk about an easy task. Even though I don’t interact with nature much especially these days, when I step out of the house and something immediately bites me all over but that doesn’t mean I have to be stuck in the house all day long. Therefore, early morning yesterday, while my mom ran to the post office, I took the opportunity and went out to the garden to take some close-up pictures, hoping I can use them for the POV assignment but this is better.


I tweaked this picture just a little bit with Pixlr, a photo-editing app I use but it is a macro picture. Does anyone want to hazard a guess as to what you’re looking at? Hint: it’s a vegetable you eat almost every day, that is, if you eat vegetable.


It looks like the apples from the combination apple tree is coming in nicely. We are going to have lots of apples this year. This is just the Golden Delicious branch. We’ve got Granny Smith, Fuji, and Honeycrisp. All in one tree!


Lastly, blackberries! Last summer, I remember I was harvesting them like I had just harvested snow peas. I think this year will be more or less the same.

Of the three pictures, I am most in love with the blackberry picture. I think the effect I’ve chosen really suits the picture well. Without this effect, the color would look way too bright and the picture would be missing that, oh I can describe it, element.

Photo101: Connect and Tags

For some of you, this picture is not new while for most, it probably is. Yes, this is the same staircase picture I used for my post a few weeks ago. And I’ve decided to use it again for this assignment.

This rickety staircase happens to connect the lower and upper deck of the yard at the rental property. Without it, I probably will not have enough guts to get on the upper level to clear the weeds and distribute the mulch. So thanks to these stairs, I am able to complete that job without my mom throwing a fit about how I’m a scaredy-cat.

Photo101: Solitude

The latest assignment from photo101 is solitude which in my view means a picture of someone looking out into the distance, sad, alone, and may I add, looking completely lost. This kind of photo is quite hard to take and even find because one, I don’t like taking pictures of people because I feel like it’s an invasion of someone privacy to take their pictures without telling them first and two, I’ve never actually seen anyone looking sad, alone, and completely lost. Even when I was in the city today, I didn’t see anything or anyone that fit the description.

So once again, I have dig into my archive and fortunately I found what I needed but first I want to show you this picture:


This is from last May when we went house hunting down by Utah Lake, a large fresh water lake by Provo, Utah. Mom wanted to buy a second house so she wouldn’t have to commute 100 miles daily for work. What you’re looking at is the land. Unfortunately, after we saw the model, we were convinced that it was way too small. It felt smaller than our current home. So we bailed.


That’s me, looking alone. I guess that looks like solitude. I didn’t mean to look like that. I was just standing there when Mom snapped the picture. Honestly though, I felt kind of tired and frustrated because it was all Mom could talk about at the time.

Why is it both black and white and color?

When I messed with the picture just now, I wanted the picture to show that solitude feeling, that loneliness. I guess I failed, huh?

Photo101: Bliss

When I saw day four’s assignment, I was a little stumped. Bliss? I mean I’m not a big gesture kind of person, I mean I don’t do big poses when taking a picture. Where can I find a picture of bliss? Continue reading “Photo101: Bliss”

Photo101: Water

Have I ever show you pictures of that time I went to Great Salt Lake? No? Continue reading “Photo101: Water”

Photo101: Street and Established Shots

Yes, I have joined Photo101 but unfortunately, I couldn’t find a picture of home, well, unless, I went on pinterest and just find a picture but that wouldn’t be Photo101, would it. Then Day 2, I could’ve just gone outside and taken a photo of my street but everyone’s already seen that and it wouldn’t be fun to see it again and again. So I chose one from my archive. Continue reading “Photo101: Street and Established Shots”