Unexpected Guests

Warning: Read on at your own risk. I cannot guarantee this post is safe for everyone with Arachnophobia.

wpid-dscf0125_20150704172522662.jpgSo I’ve moved into the basement for about a month and so far, it’s all going well and I am loving not having to have to sleep in a hot room. I didn’t notice this until this week when I have encountered it. It turned out the basement is also a home that these guys. Anyway, I decided to use them for the Photo 101 assignment: Double and Rotation as well as Triumph and Contrast because I have never got so close to these critters before not to mention aiming a camera at it from some close.

Consider a victory that it didn’t attack me.


I warned you, didn’t I? They’re not red, by the way. It’s just the effect.

The smaller guy was hanging from the ceiling this morning. So I took the chance and snapped the picture but that wouldn’t satisfy the assignment, would it? Therefore, I used the double exposure and added the bigger guy. There, double, a doppelgänger. 🙂

Now, all I have to do is the rotation part, right? Here it is.


Rotating 90-degrees is so boring. So I did a bit of other minor tweaks.

I notice there wasn’t as many of them during the winter. I guess even arachnids can’t stand the heat. The summer gave them the opening to come back into the house. Guess that can be called a door?

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