Trip to Redwood Forest


The last time we visited Northern California was way back in 2011. Continue reading “Trip to Redwood Forest”

All the Intricacy I’ve seen

I almost forgot about my trip to the Hearst Castle a few years ago. It’s a beautiful private landmark in Central California. It’s worth a visit. Each room in the castle is decorated with its own unique touch and from what I was told, most are hand-made. Continue reading “All the Intricacy I’ve seen”

#AtoZChallenge – S/T For San Francisco/Turtles

I’m combining S and T so I don’t have to write another post.  Continue reading “#AtoZChallenge – S/T For San Francisco/Turtles”

#AtoZChallenge – M For Monterey

Monterey Bay, California is one of those places that has to be visited at least once. It is situated just south of the San Francisco Bay and next to Pebble Beach (17 Mile Drive). I am not a good tour guide and there are really not much to tell except you just have to see it and marvel at the landscapes yourself.

The last time I went to the city of Monterey which is the city next to the bay was May, 2010. We drove hours through the twisty freeway to arrive to this beautiful city. Our first stop was the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Unfortunately my external hard drive went bonkers that summer and lost all my pictures except these which I had cleverly uploaded to Facebook.

Anyway, after the aquarium, we met up with my mom’s friend who worked nearby and we went to a restaurant by the beach for lunch. It had to be the most exquisite lunch I’ve ever had. After that, we said goodbye to my mom’s friend as she headed back to work and we headed toward Pebble Beach.

17 Mile Drive or Pebble Beach is said to be California’s most beautiful coastline. On Wikipedia, it said that there are a lot of mansions and golf course along this scenic road. I guess I wasn’t paying attention since I was focused on the ocean. I mean, how can you focus on mansions and golf courses when you got this to look at?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini-tour and thank you for reading. 🙂

#AtoZChallenge – L For Locke

Before you ask, no, I did not spell the word Lock wrong. I am actually talking about the village in Northern California called Locke. Continue reading “#AtoZChallenge – L For Locke”