Set Three Goals

I did Blogging 201 in February of 2015. I didn’t really need it at the time but what the heck, I could use some advice. However, I think I am taking this course now to help me grow this blog and it will give me a chance to learn about more ways to beautify this blog.  Continue reading “Set Three Goals”

Trip to Grand County

This is a map of Grand County, Utah. Continue reading “Trip to Grand County”

A Typical Friday

Friday has recently become my favorite day of the week and not because it’s Friday. This may sound strange but it’s because I get to go to work. Continue reading “A Typical Friday”

Stubborn Culture

The whole reason for travel is to experience new cultures, food, and places, right? Not searching for the same type of food you’re already eating everyday. Maybe that’s why I am frustrated by my family and maybe a little of the culture I come from.  Continue reading “Stubborn Culture”

Coffee House Ramble

Okay, let’s picture this situation. Continue reading “Coffee House Ramble”

Dear Whoever,

I cannot be in more agreement with this quote. Continue reading “Dear Whoever,”

Homework, TV, or Sleep

What do I do when I’m not writing? Continue reading “Homework, TV, or Sleep”

A Scene in a Classroom

6:10 pm, November 12, 2015, twenty-some, five, including me, women and the rest men sat in U-shaped row lecture room. Continue reading “A Scene in a Classroom”

Writing Habits

I have been blogging for more than two years and so far, I’ve written more than a thousand posts and published about 930. I can tell you that all of those posts were typed using my ancient laptop, a Sony Vaio laptop just two months shy of turning six. It’s been very reliable over the years even though it has indeed caused a few scares.  Continue reading “Writing Habits”


“We are nomads,” a history teacher once told me. Continue reading “Nomadic”


Home, such a simple word and yet, so many meanings.  Continue reading “Home”

Things I Wish Adults Would Stop Saying

Or rather excuses I wish the adults around me would stop telling themselves. Continue reading “Things I Wish Adults Would Stop Saying”

I Write Because…

…this is my voice. Continue reading “I Write Because…”

Writing 101: Death to Abverb

I told you I was doing Writing 101 in random order, didn’t I? Anyway, the point of the assignment to go to a cafe, park, or a public place and write something that is inspired by what I see. There’s a catch, I cannot use any adverb. Continue reading “Writing 101: Death to Abverb”

Writing 101: Your Personality on the Page

Hand completing a multiple choice exam.

The assignment is to write about a fear, anxiety, or worry. The twist is to write it in a style that is distinctive from my own. I’m not exactly sure what other styles there are to writing but I’m going to try my best. Continue reading “Writing 101: Your Personality on the Page”

Writing 101: Hone Your Point of View

The assignment is to tell the story in a first person point of view, which is a 12-year-old sitting across the street. Continue reading “Writing 101: Hone Your Point of View”

Writing 101: Don’t Stop Rockin’

Man, I’ve been just so busy this last month, with school, the new job, and the A to Z challenge, it felt like I spent most of April just rushing from place to place. I am just now catching up with the Writing 101 assignments. Continue reading “Writing 101: Don’t Stop Rockin’”

Writing 101: The Things We Treasure

Today’s prompt is way way way too similar to the one I did on March 23 that it’s practically identical. If you wish to read my response, it’s right here. Therefore I’m going to do Writing 101 instead. The assignment is to write a story about my most prized possession. Continue reading “Writing 101: The Things We Treasure”

Writing 101: Happy Fast Food

People say childhood are the best years of a person’s life. Continue reading “Writing 101: Happy Fast Food”

Writing 101: Give and Take

The assignment is to write a post based on the compare and contrast of two things. This is also a response for today’s promptPick a letter, any letter. Now, write a story, poem, or post in which every line starts with that letter. Continue reading “Writing 101: Give and Take”

Writing 101: Your Voice Will Find You


You know, I realized something. Continue reading “Writing 101: Your Voice Will Find You”

Writing 101: Size Matters (In Sentences)

This was me when I was 11. I couldn’t find pictures of when I was 12. So I thought, this is just as close. Continue reading “Writing 101: Size Matters (In Sentences)”

Writing 101: Point of View

Okay, I’m going out of order here so I can catch up with this week’s writing 101 assignments. This is Day 9’s assignment. I hope you will enjoy my bit of flash. 🙂 Continue reading “Writing 101: Point of View”