I feel so conflicted

I feel so conflicted at times when someone reminds me that I’m a grown woman and don’t need permission from anyone to leave the house or go do the things I like, except somehow I do.

Those Darn Meddlers…

I have a problem with people meddling into people’s lives. Isn’t there a saying – “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? I think this applies to meddling as well. According to my personal experience and all those movies and TV shows I’ve watched over the year, I don’t think there’s ever been a scenario…


Today is the first day of the second block of the summer semester and my emotions have been all over the place: sleep deprivation, exhaustion from taking tests, joy deprivation not to mention very annoyed.

The Meaning of a Book

Religion and Politics. These are two topics you will never see me post on my blog. Why? Because those are two of the most opinionated and sensitive topics out there. Because those are two topics that essentially started wars and tore apart families, friends, and mankind. Because I dislike those two topics.

A Wet 2016 Spring

This has been one wet spring. It’s been raining almost every single day and if the sky’s not raining, it’s gray and the grayness often drives me insane. The last time I experienced such a wet spring was 2007, when I was still in Texas but that’s different. Texas is plains, Utah is desert. Deserts…

Against the World

What did I do to get on the wrong side of the world? Why did the world had chosen me as its victim to be bullied? What do I have to do to make my world stand up straight again?

Dear Mom

I am writing this letter because there’s been lots on my mind and living with you hadn’t made it any easier. I also want to I’m sorry I’ve been a little cranky lately. I know I should say it to your face instead of writing it here but let’s face it, I can never do…