Monday Peeves – Paranoia or Something Else?

Paula Light is the lovely hostess for The Monday Peeve, where we get to complain our guts out to make ourselves feel better.

Feel free to tell me I’m just being paranoid or that I’m wrong or that I’m right to feel this way.

My mom is currently selling her house, the house she had never lived in even though she’s paying for all of the utility. It’s also the place where she cleverly hid the bicycle I won 2 years ago. I wonder if she’s already moved it again.

Two years ago, she was actually eager to move in and I was looking forward to that day. To my dismay, it never happened.

She never did want to move, complaining how there’s no internet and she wouldn’t be able to sleep without being able to listen to YouTube all night long. I feel like those are the lamest excuses in the history of lame excuses, don’t you think so?

Anyway, now that her house is close to being sold, she wants me to add her name to my house deed because she wants to help reduce my property tax bill. As a veteran, she can get the property tax reduced. As much as I want to only pay a fraction of my property taxes, I flat out told her no, I’m not adding another name to my property deed.

My aunt’s name is already on my deed and I’m already peeved about it. The only reason I kept her name is on the deed is because I owe her money. Once my debt to my aunt is paid off, I’m taking her name out of my deed but there’s no way I’m putting my mom’s name on my deed, too. I explained to her that all I want is something that truly belonged to me. Is that wrong? Too selfish of me?

Am I wrong for rejecting her offer? It’s my house, after all. I pay all the utilities and the loan payment each month. All she pays is the grocery, which it’s basically everything she likes to eat anyway.

“Oh, so you won’t put my name on your deed so you can kick me out when you want to?”

Um, paranoid much?

I couldn’t believe she still held that in all this time later. I never tried to kick her out. I merely told her to go live in her own house instead of letting it stay empty for 2 years while paying for all the utility which she never used. Ugh!

On top of all that, she found out her friend’s dad had a stroke and he’s on life support. Mom doesn’t know what it means. Obviously, she doesn’t watch enough medical shows.

After giving her a standard definition of (air-quote) life support, she asked if I will do the same thing to her in similar situation. “Will you make an attempt to save my life?” Her words, not mine. I suddenly felt like I had a gun pointed at my head.

“It’s hard to say,” I told her because if she wants to be saved, even on life support, she cannot put a “Do not resuscitate” clause in her Will. I’ve seen TV shows where someone gets sued for reviving someone who explicitly stated he/she didn’t want to be revived. I’m not about to be sued by my own mother.

“Oh, so you will let me die then?”

“I never said that. I merely said as long as you don’t put ‘do not revive’ in your Will, you will be saved.”

Instead of listening to my explanation, she began rambling, calling me heartless and this and that. It made me angry that she thought this of me. Heartless? Stupid? All in one day?

6 thoughts on “Monday Peeves – Paranoia or Something Else?

  1. I do not think you’re being paranoid. I’m very suspicious of her motivation here. Tell her if she’s worried about end of life care to fill out one of those explicit forms and have it notarized. I hope you can get your aunt off the deed asap before your mom manipulates her into doing something with YOUR house!

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    1. I sense there’s an ulterior motive in there, too. I think leaving my aunt’s name is safe for now because if there’s one person in the whole world that cannot be manipulate by my mom, it might be my aunt. She’s strangely immune to my mom’s power of persuasion.

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