Two Miles Walk

My mom has this horrible habit that really pick on my nerve. She picks the worst time to do anything, which it’s whenever I’m busy doing my stuff (studying, blogging, writing etc). I tell her “not right now.” She would reply, “Yes, right now.” This past week, she had been picking my TV time to make…

An Unique Wedding Reception

Last night, I was at a wedding and as usual, we were over-dressed, thanks to mom. I was like, I’m going to wear jeans but she was like, it’s other people’s wedding, you need to be well-dressed.

I can’t laugh or joke. No joke!

Before I get into today’s post, I would just like to say that I know at the start of the week, I said there would be a marathon of Writing 101 posts. I’ve decided because of the work situation, I will call it quits with 16/20 completion.