Monday Peeves – Misbehaving Body

Paula Light is the lovely hostess for The Monday Peeve, where I get to do the thing I cannot do in real life – complain.

I am pissed off with my body at the moment.

I got food poisoning about 2 weeks ago after eating some dinner rolls mom forgot to promptly place in the fridge upon coming home from her birthday dinner. I assumed it would be fine after nuking it in the microwave but apparently, it was not. Not even 2 hours later, I was doubled over, clutching my stomach in a kind of pain that even I couldn’t tolerate and, mind you, I have a pretty tolerance when it comes to pain. Thankfully, mom had some Chinese magic potion that made the pain subside in less than 30 minutes.

My stomach has not been the same since then. I now get frequent intermittent pains in my esophagus region as well as cramps in my stomach. I have no clue whether that’s caused by the 14-day regimen my oral surgeon had me start or my body is taking its sweet time to recover.

It pisses me off when my body is acting out.

After my gums got inflamed twice while I was on vacation last September, which were caused by eating a couple of fries, all deep-fried foods became off-limits. I think the worst thing I’ve had since then is probably a crispy fried egg. Everything else have either been boiled, poached, or stir-fried. You have no idea how much I’m craving deep-fried foods like fries and potato chips at the moment. There have been days when mom and I would be in the grocery store and I would be staring at the bags of potato chips, salivating and angry that I couldn’t have any because who knows what would happen if I did.


9 thoughts on “Monday Peeves – Misbehaving Body

  1. Have you checked if you have ulcers. It isn’t pleasant. They stick a camera down your throat into your stomach. Drink honey and lemon juice in hot water like tea. It sorts me out. Real honey though is better than the diluted. Lemon reduces acid and heals your stomach.


  2. Oh that’s awful, I hope you are better soon. I feel your pain with the fried foods though – for me it was gluten. I resisted the “need” to stop eating it and put up with all the pain and side effects. I still want to throw something at the television when Panera is advertising their new “crispy baguette” sandwiches. The world can be so unfair! What about “baked” Lays potato chips? Anyway, feel better!!!

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