Share Your World – Week of February 20, 2023

When food shopping, do you go with a list and stick to it, or buy on the hop?

I go in with a mental list for the sake of telling myself the purpose of the trip. I don’t know why I must always justify everything to myself and don’t accept that I want to visit grocery store because I want to instead of I must. Anyway, I always deviate from the list, though, and buy more than what I came to the store to buy.

When clothes shopping, do you prefer to shop in a store or buy mail order?

There are 3 things I will never buy online – food, clothes, and shoes. I will never buy food online because I don’t like it when someone else picks out my items for me. I am the type of person who must inspect everything and buy the freshest and best I can find.

I will never buy clothes online because I must try it on and make sure it fits my strange body. My body isn’t built conventionally. Regular female clothes don’t usually fit as it’s often either loose in all the wrong places or tight in all the wrong places. So I always must settle with buying clothes from the boys’ section and it’s hard because I don’t always know my size.

Do you like shopping for shoes?

Not really and it’s why I usually only go shopping for shoes every other year and buy 2 pairs of shoes. I have small wide feet and often span over 2 US-shoe sizes. Hence, it’s another thing I will never buy online.

Do you enjoy shopping alone or with friends/partner?

I prefer to do my shopping alone so I can take my time to try out stuff and not be rushed. I also prefer to shop alone because I don’t want to be pushed into buying certain items I don’t particularly like. I remember going clothes shopping with my mom, she is always rushing. Clothes shopping isn’t like grocery shopping, you can’t just get in and get out. It’s something that needs to be taken slow.

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9 thoughts on “Share Your World – Week of February 20, 2023

    1. Me too. It’s why I never shop at department stores. I can’t find any decent clothes at a decent price there. I’m usually a grab and go kind of person when it comes to shopping of any kind but I can’t with clothes and shoes.


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