Sunday Poser #120 – Mr./Dr. Google

How many times a day/ week you Google stuff? What are the most common things you Google?

I Google on a daily basis although in the last few months, I’ve been Googling less as it’s not garden season. Most of the time, I use Google as a dictionary or a thesaurus of sort when I’m writing my stories and posts to make sure I’m using the right words in the correct way so I don’t make a fool of myself or offend anybody. I used to not have to look up every word like this but it seems like when you spend most of your waking moments conversing in a language that’s not English, you bound to run into some problems.

Before you ask, no I don’t talk to my mom in English. I can’t understand her English and if my step-dad was still around, he would’ve gone “Grammar Nazi” on her. I just don’t want any argument. Also, it’s awkward to not converse in our native language when we both speak it so fluently.

Okay, back to Google.

Beside Googling the definitions and synonyms of words, I’ve been using Google for indoor seed starting help. I bought some seeds at the end of last year with incredibly vague seed starting instructions. The seed pack doesn’t tell me when to start the seed, how deep to sow the seed, and whether it can be started indoors. So I had to rely on other sources. I also happened to had collected some seeds from my garden and had no idea how to replant them, so Google came in handy.

Lastly, I do rely on Dr. Google sometimes, especially when my doctors decided to test my blood for some strange stuff that I’ve never heard of and the result came out abnormal. My doctors have a habit of not telling me anything even if the result is abnormal. So I need to look it up to know what it means.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #120 – Mr./Dr. Google

    1. I’ve been using Bing for a while now but I treated it like Google. There’s also a reward associated with my searches as I earn points for each search to be donated to a charity at the end of each month.


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