The Cutest Dogs for Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

One of the things about not being able to read a language is you tend to walk into surprises. Continue reading “The Cutest Dogs for Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge”

Photo of the Day!


My aunt says I am not artistic enough when it comes to taking pictures, that I would waste rolls of films if this camera wasn’t digital. Continue reading “Photo of the Day!”

Cute Animal Decorations For Cee’s Odd Ball

For this week’s odd ball, I’ve decided to feature some of the cutest decoration I’ve seen around town. I hope you enjoy my selection. Continue reading “Cute Animal Decorations For Cee’s Odd Ball”

Odd Tree Trunks and Boats For Cee’s Odd Ball


I took this about two weeks ago when I went with my aunt to the ranch to refill our water supply. Continue reading “Odd Tree Trunks and Boats For Cee’s Odd Ball”

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge – Snowman


I almost forgot to post these pictures. Continue reading “Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge – Snowman”

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge: Pumpkins

Since we are a week away from Halloween, I thought I would post some of the fun decoration I found around the neighborhood. Continue reading “Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge: Pumpkins”

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge – Party at the Park


So at the very last minute, I was invited to a party last night. Continue reading “Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge – Party at the Park”

Weekend Adventures

I had so many adventures this past weekend that you will have no idea how tired I am. I went to more places than I have ever been in a single weekend. Continue reading “Weekend Adventures”

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge: 2016 Week 19

DSC00266 I’m joining the challenge for the first time because well, I’ve found some weird pictures in my files. Continue reading “Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge: 2016 Week 19”