Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge – Party at the Park


So at the very last minute, I was invited to a party last night. It was family day and my mom needed me to keep her company so she wouldn’t doze off while she’s driving. It was her last day for her AP Chinese training and she’s exhausted and this weekend, annoyingly, it’s also her monthly training with the army. However, instead of training, everyone just had a BBQ at the park.

I felt very awkward there because most of the attendees were either babies or grown-ups (parents). There’s no in-between people like me. So I quickly chowed down on a hot dog and some watermelon plus pickles (…mmm, I love pickles) and left my mom to converse with her colleagues while playing with their babies.

It was a huge park but I only managed to take a few pictures. The landscapes were pretty much the same as home. The picture above is the top of the pavilion where the BBQ took place. I thought it was pretty cool and I don’t have a picture of whatever that is in my archive.


I also shot this lamp post because I was appealed to the circular pattern at the top. It looked kind of elegant and since it was cloudy and the sky was getting dark, I decided to turn both pictures into black and white to highlight the details of each object instead of the colors.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

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