Journey Home

After over a decade, I’m once again making a journey to the place I have roamed all those years before I came to the U.S. I’m talking about China. I will be returning to my hometown in China next year. Am I awful that I’ve been keeping this a secret for so long? I feel both excited and nervous at the same time because even though the trip isn’t permanent, my future will feel fairly uncertain.Β a_long_journey_home_-_800x600

My trip will begin on January 3, 2017 where I will board a plane to Seattle and then to Hong Kong. Then I’ll take a ferry from Hong Kong to my hometown and hopefully complete my businesses by April 17. I have no doubt I will be busy. So many people and places to visit and so many businesses to deal. I’m representing my mom, so I’ll have to go visit relatives I have no recollection of ever visited them when I was a child. I am excited for Chinese New Year because of the red envelope and with my unchanging baby face and single status, I’ll undoubtedly get some, not that I’m greedy. Just saying.

My aunt is in the process of looking for an English tutoring job for me so I can earn a little income to pay my mom back the flight ticket and of course, I’ll be working alongside my current two jobs. Ugh! The good thing is I’ll have the opportunity to look for a job at one of the big four accounting firms. It’s going to be an adventure and it will be a chance for me to escape this controlling atmosphere I’ve been enduring for the past fifteen years even if it meant living an ocean away.

The last time I returned, I had just barely began high school. My thoughts weren’t exactly developed and my emotions were as controllable as they are now. Therefore, I believe this time will be different. This time, I’ll be returning with two college degrees, have the skills to navigate around, and I think a lot of my relatives will find this impressive, I can drive a car. Also I don’t cry as easily.

When I bought the plane ticket, so many things came to mind. Mostly, it was the sensation of freedom. I’ll get to travel to places I’ve never been, Taiwan, Japan, and maybe even Europe. I will finally get to determine my own future, of whether I will work in a foreign country or return to the U.S. and find a job here. Who knows, maybe I’ll wound up living in another country than China or the U.S.

After living in the U.S. for fifteen years, mainly going to school and work, going back to China for four months is beginning to feel short and kind of daunting to fit all the things I want to do in that time period.

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30 thoughts on “Journey Home

  1. Sounds exciting Yinglan. Enjoy your trip home, seeing your relatives, New Years $, exploring, and seeking out employment. My Dad is very fond of China he visits at least twice a year. He helps students come to Canada for HS and university as his own business, as well as being a principal who takes his students on trips to China each year. Best of luck!

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    1. Ah, I know that line of work well. My mom wants to get into it a few years ago and she made me do research on it but now, she’s a Chinese student liaison. So I think it worked out for her.

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    1. Yeah, I’ve been deciding for a while now since my mom’s opposed me to find a job anywhere but Utah and California. So I might as well use the excuse of going back to China to find a job and maybe settle down on my own. It will be exciting if it works out. πŸ™‚


      1. She says there are a lot of people looking after me there and gave me a bunch of specific I’m allowed to go. Controlling, right?


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