Odd Tree Trunks and Boats For Cee’s Odd Ball


I took this about two weeks ago when I went with my aunt to the ranch to refill our water supply. I wasn’t as focused on taking landscape shots that time as I did the first time I had gone to the ranch. I was focusing on the minute details like tiny flowers and this strange looking tree trunk. Doesn’t this tree trunk look strange to you?


I took this picture on the same trip. I shot this picture with an idea in mind that this would make an excellent black and white photo. Tried it, doesn’t work. It was the garbage on the other side of the fence that ruined the shot.


I shot this photo when my aunt took me on a hike in the forest around a reservoir a few days ago. I passed this tree and just had to stop and take a picture for its strangeness.

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

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