#WeekendCoffeeShare – In Hopes of a Quick Getaway

Good morning! It’s Saturday, right? Come on in and join me for a quick chat.

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Monday Peeves – Minor Monday Annoyances

I’ve been meaning to join Paula Light’s The Monday Peeve for a while now but always find myself in the midst of my busy busy work. Ugh!

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#WeekendCoffeeShare – Finally Winning at Christmas Party

Good morning! Please grab a mug of something and join me on this gloomy Saturday.

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#WeekendCoffeeShare – Something to be proud of this week

Good morning! Please do come join me for a cup of coffee and if you’re in a warm place, can you may be spread some warmth?

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Friday Thoughts – An Update on Health

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

I don’t know why but I feel like I don’t write enough about my physical health.

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#WeekendCoffeeShare – October 2022 Garden Update and Driving Anxiety

Good morning! Come on in and grab a coffee or a tea, and sit.

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US-Canada Trip 2022 Day 1

The last two days has been absolutely crazy. On Monday, I worked almost 12 hours before continuing on Tuesday with a little over 4 hours to complete my 16 hours of the 40-hour work week.

For the first time in a long while, I felt hectic, trying to get every customer billed and all the payments reconciled. I am a billing and accounting specialist, in case you haven’t figure that out. I send bills to customers and reconcile payment for a living.

I am writing this post prior to getting on my first flight from Salt Lake to Las Vegas. From Vegas, I’ll have a 4.5 hours layover before boarding another flight to Buffalo, New York. Of the airports I have been to so far, the Salt Lake airport has the best Wi-fi. So I’m taking the opportunity to type this on my laptop with a physical keyboard.

Anxiety-wise, I think now that I’m sitting in the airport, sipping on an iced chai latte, I am feeling a better, not near-hyperventilation like a few hours before. In fact, I had been near-hyperventilation for the last few days.

I was getting cold feet about trip. There’s so many worries. As much as I tried to relax and look forward to my long-awaiting trip, my anxiety, as always, was holding me back. Darn you, anxiety! Always causing misery. Why can’t you leave me alone?

So many things to do, my brain kept telling me. You can’t go. I barely slept the night before my flight. My brain kept me all night with about a million thoughts. Why didn’t you purchase carry-on luggage for the flight? There’s no way you will bill all these people before your flight. You can’t place your trust in those people to take care of your garden.

All night long. Just thought after thought. Ugh!

I spent Tuesday night on the flight to Buffalo, New York and will be there at 5 AM. Hopefully I will get a few hours of shut-eye during the flight.

#WeekendCoffeeShare – 4 Days ’til Road Trip 2022

Good morning! Come on in, sit, and enjoy a drink. I discovered something good this week.

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#WeekendCoffeeShare – An Exceptional Long Week

Good morning! Come on in, sit, and enjoy a drink.

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Losing a Friend

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Monday Thoughts

For some reason, I’m feeling anxious about this Monday.

It’s my final counseling session with my therapist and as I ponder on what to discuss, all I can think was yesterday, Sunday. So much about yesterday peeved me. The only parts that didn’t peeve me were the solo walk along the forest trail and all the wonderful photos I took on my walk.

It was actually mom’s idea to go to the forest yesterday. “I need to go breathe in some fresh air.”

She didn’t want to drive her car though and she didn’t want me to drive, so she dragged her sister and brother-in-law (BIL) along, assigning him the role of the driver for the trip. As usual, I was the navigator, which is the most annoying task ever since mom was doing the navigating from the backseat while telling her BIL to ignore everything I said.

The forest was wonderful – so cool (temperature-wise) and lush with greenery. I had a suspicion that it rained the night because the ground was wet and there were water droplets on the plants. I hurriedly abandoned the adults while I hunted for a location to practice long-exposure photography.

After taking all the long exposure photographs I had wanted, I began wandering down the forest trail while paying attention at my surrounding to find interesting photo compositions. After a while, I caught up with them as they were returning to the parking lot.

The next activity on mom’s agenda was food and her BIL suggested the only restaurant he knew – Burger King – and that was what mom wanted as well. In fact, it’s just about the only restaurant mom will eat at these days. Unfortunately, there was no Burger King nearby, which was odd considering all the other chain restaurants were nearby. I tried to search for the next best thing but they don’t like any other fast food restaurant. So I suggested Texas-style barbecue.

Her BIL agreed. However, when we arrived at the restaurant, she refused to order anything, and in the oddest fashion, she asked for a coffee. Um, coffee in a barbecue joint on a Sunday afternoon? The guy looked at her and then replied apologetically, “Sorry, we don’t have coffee.”

As the food arrived, after taking a bite of the beef brisket I ordered, she said, “The meat is overcooked. It’s terrible.”

Then she started reflecting on the barbecue joint we once gone to just outside of Austin, Texas. “The line was out the door and round the corner,” mom said and as she said, my anger level ticked up ever so slightly.

Why can’t she keep her opinion to herself? I thought and before I could stop myself, I said, “I ordered the brisket for me. If you don’t like it, order whatever you want for yourself.”

“I don’t want anything.” She pouted. The only reason you don’t want anything is because this isn’t Burger King, I thought.

As we got up to leave, while mom and her BIL went to dispose the trays, my aunt whispered to me, “Just do what she says,” which was the other thing that peeved me about yesterday’s outing.

Um, excuse me, I wanted to say, I’m not a yes-woman or a robot or a dog. I am entitled to my own emotions and opinions, but that’s when mom returned, ushering us to leave.

Wow, it looks like I have quite a bit to discuss with my therapist.

Monday Thoughts

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Higher Power Intervention?

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #195: Color Expressions

Anne from Slow Shutter Speed is the host for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #195 with the topic of Color Expressions.

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Truthful Tuesday on a Thursday

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #188: Special Places

This week, on Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #188, guest host Karina of Murtagh’s Meadow is exploring special places.

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Truthful Tuesday on a Wednesday 02-22-2022

This week, on Truthful Tuesday, host Frank from Thoughts and Theories asks:

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Monday Thoughts

According to Fitbit, my stress management score has been around 75 for the past week. Maybe it’s because work is just about the only thing occupying my brain these days. So much to bill, so many accounts to reconcile.

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#WeekendCoffeeShare: Update on Rose Propagation

Hello and welcome. Come on in. It’s once again a wet chilly October morning. There will be rain in my neck of the woods today and you know what it means? Hot drink!

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#WeekendCoffeeShare: The Million Stresses of Life

Hello and welcome. Come on in from the cold and have a hot drink with me.

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #169: The Ordinary

This week, on Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #169, I.J Khanewala is guest-hosting and he’s challenging everyone to take a second look at the ordinary. Sometimes, those things can surprise you or even put a smile on your face.

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#WeekendCoffeeShare: Garden Update and Front Yard Transformation So far

Good morning or afternoon and welcome. Coffee? Tea?

If we were having coffee, I would tell you the one word I would use to describe this week – unmotivated. Why? For so many reasons which I detailed in my Friday Thoughts post. Oh, and unfortunately, I’m working today. I can usually get things done with some overtime during the week but this is urgent matter, apparently, the boss wants all September invoices done ASAP and I’ll just work the weekend to get it all done.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you it looks like winter might be arriving early this year. There’s been heavy rain this week, rain we desperate need. Unfortunately, it’s accompanied by wind. It always is. Thankfully, there weren’t too much damage this time.

According to the weather forecast, first frost of 2021 might be arriving next week. I’m nervous about that and it’s got me ordering frost blankets for my plants and I even got one for my 7-tier planter, which, if I might say, is not doing too bad. I have some seedling that should be ready to transfer today or tomorrow, granted if it stops raining.

My 5-tier planter might be done for the year next week when the temperature dips below 32 degree-F (0 degree-C). The only thing left in there are marigolds, cosmos, tomatoes, and sunflower. I pulled out the cucumbers and overwintered my peppers this week. This 7-tier planter has my cool weather plants – lettuces and other leafy greens – which should survive a little longer with the assistance of a frost blanket.

If we were having coffee, I would show you the before and after of my front yard.

It’s been a ride with this front yard – full of hard work, anger, and frustration. This is definitely not what I had planned in the beginning. This is more of mom’s vision than mine. I had never envision so many red bricks nor did I imagine red bricks planters. Once again, mom took over but then it was the only way to get help as her family will only help her, not me. It’s never me.

Mom is feeling like a hero right now. She keeps saying, “If it weren’t for me, you’d never get it done. It’d never look so pretty.” The way she says that makes me not want to help anyone. It’s all one-sided anyway. I help them, they’d never help me in return, not unless mom’s present.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I know what you’re thinking. The yard is missing something – rocks. I’m waiting on it. The 17 tons (no joke) of rocks will be delivered on 20th of this month. So I’ll have an update on this soon.

I do hope it stops raining though so I can go out and plant some spring flower bulbs in the planters.

I would thank you for joining me in this edition of #weekendcoffeeshare and hope we’ll both return next week.

#WeekendCoffeeShare: Driven by Anxiety

Good morning or afternoon and welcome. Coffee? Tea?

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