#WeekendCoffeeShare – In Hopes of a Quick Getaway

Good morning! It’s Saturday, right? Come on in and join me for a quick chat.

I shot this picture around sunset a few nights ago. Isn’t that beautiful? The mountains received almost a record-breaking amount of snow so far this year. According to the weatherman, there are currently over 10-feet of snow at the ski resorts. Of all the years I’ve lived here, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this kind of number.

By the way, tomorrow, January 22, is Lunar New Year. So Happy New Year, again and welcome the Year of Rabbit!

Anyway, it was another kick-ass week at work, despite being a 4-day work week; I’m starting to hate those, by the way. I wasn’t the one doing the kicking, I was the one being kicked. When has January become such a busy month? Was it like this last year? Or was I so busy that I became oblivious to everything that was happening around me?

In the midst of all this, I strained my neck. The pain began on Wednesday afternoon but I paid no mind to it but when I woke up on Thursday, I couldn’t move my head without the pain. I could only look down, not up, and each time I swallow something whether it be food or water, there would be this spasm-like pain in my neck. Then, my head would suddenly jerk forward like someone with a tick.

You know what’s frustrating?

In the midst of my pain, mom came home in the middle of the day whining. That day was supposed to be her day to go to the office but she left the day without her phone and my parking pass. It felt like complete Deja Vu because the exact same thing happened on the day of my accident last August minus the phone.

Anyway, she came home before noon, slapped a copy of her latest blood work result on the table. “Help me look at it,” she requested as I was trying to get work done. It’s nearly the end of January and I haven’t even started billing. When I told her I’m busy, she said I should take it slow at work. Take it slow? She’s not the one with a deadline to bill over 1,000 exams by the 5th of February.

Quickly, I flipped and scanned the pages, highlighting all the abnormal numbers. “What is that?” She kept asking.

“I can only read the numbers. Google it.”

Thankfully, after a few patches, I woke up on Friday with most of the pain receded overnight and was able to move my head again.

Meanwhile, the day before, my manager asked if anyone wanted to go to the work conference in April, the same conference I went to in Las Vegas in 2021. My co-workers said no.

I thought about straight up saying no, too, because of my garden but then, there’s also a part of me that wanted to go. Treat it like a quick getaway, a mental voice said. In the end, I told myself, why not? I’ve never really explored Denver, Colorado before. Mom and I drove through it when we moved from Texas and we had a layover when we flew back from Buffalo in October. It’ll be a fun trip.

Mom, on the other hand, didn’t want me to go. She wanted me to go with her to next year’s conference in Annapolis, Maryland instead. Go with her? That’s the last thing I want. It’s been a while since I had freedom, I need some of that back.

At my last conference, my mom insisted my aunt tag along like my babysitter but in reality, it was me who babysat her. If I really get to go to this conference, I would be going alone. I wouldn’t need to babysit anyone nor will I have to share a room. I’ll finally get to eat the things I want and be an actual adult for a week.

Now, if only I didn’t have to fly there. The whole-going-through-TSA thing feels overwhelming. If only they’ll let me drive there. It’s only about a 8-hour drive, not too bad.

I shouldn’t get so ahead of myself. I don’t even know if I really will be going. It’s only a nomination. I still need to get picked.

#weekendcoffeeshare is hosted by Natalie of Natalie the Explorer. I appreciate you stopping by and hope to see you back here next weekend.

13 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – In Hopes of a Quick Getaway

  1. It sounds painful waking up with that crick type thing in your neck. Ouch, you know right then that it’s going to be a rough day. Getting to go on a work-related mini vacation sounds like a good little getaway. 8 hours of driving would not be too bad. Traveling with Grandbabies by plane years ago & going through security check was humiliating. They took a jar of unopened unsealed baby food. I had 2 jars & they let me keep one saying they didn’t want my baby to go hungry. They searched my bag because they said I had a baby & told them that I didn’t have a bottle of milk. The baby drank out of a sippy cup & didn’t take a bottle anymore, though I know all that was for everyone’s safety. The picture of the mountains is beautiful. Happy Lunar New Year! #Weekendcoffeeshare.

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    1. Yeah, and it was a rough day that day. I kept getting distracted and forgetting what I was doing while trying to keep my head still. The best part of that day came when I said yes to my manager’s offer to go to the conference. 🙂
      I just hate having to taking my shoes off, my jacket off, my laptop out of my backpack, and empty my pockets, and hoping I don’t have any incriminating things in my backpack. I think the reassembling afterward is the more overwhelming part of going through TSA.
      I’m sorry that happened to you. I remember going through a similar situation when I was flying back to LA from China many years ago. I was doing hormone treatment then, which consisted of a special syringe and glass vials of very expensive serum to be injected every night.
      They took the whole thing apart and made us put it back together, leaving us with only 10 minutes to get to our gates. What did they think it was going to happen? I was going to stab someone with a thin needle?


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