Monday Peeves – Minor Monday Annoyances

I’ve been meaning to join Paula Light’s The Monday Peeve for a while now but always find myself in the midst of my busy busy work. Ugh!

Work is always so busy on Mondays, why oh why? I wonder if Monday email people are those who panics? Oh no, I gotta get this done or OMG, it’s Monday, I should’ve done this last Friday.

I’m rarely this person except this Monday because this is holiday week and I have to check on the pre-authorization extension for my dental surgeries. That’s when I found myself waiting for a callback from my medical insurance. Every phone notification is making me jump as I’m expecting a call at any minute and second.

I hate this feeling. Of waiting. Of expecting news; good or bad.

My work email is minimized on my work laptop. Each time I maximized the windows, 2 more emails would pop up and I would be distracted by my task of reconciling the boatload of payments that came in on Friday. I don’t mind answering emails from customers but I do find it annoying how customers don’t provide adequate information.

I had a customer last week sending me nothing but a blurry screenshot when I was responding to a helpdesk ticket. This ticket was also vague with poor grammar. When I got the screenshot, I felt like banging my head against the wall. What the hell is this? What am I looking at?

I wrote back, “you’ll have to be more specific.”

A day later, the customer finally wrote back. It turned out the screenshot had absolutely nothing to do with what he was asking. Seriously people, I can’t read minds. Either you can call me and tell me what you’re needing over the phone or use your words and tell me what you want over email. I do have the time or energy to guess what you’re needing by your blurry screenshots.

Geez! 😠

13 thoughts on “Monday Peeves – Minor Monday Annoyances

    1. 😄😄😄 That reminded me of my flight to Buffalo a few months ago. The pilot came on and told us “A screw came loose and as soon as the mechanic tightens and check the screw, we’ll be on our way.” An hour later, the pilot was still saying the same thing. Inside, I was thinking, an hour and they still can’t replace a single screw?

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