Monday Thoughts – Rough Week Ahead

I have this feeling this is going to be a rough week.

First of all, it’s the week before my 2 weeks break from work.

Second of all, this is the week of Christmas, meaning it’s a 4-day work week.

Third of all, my brain is already on holiday and has been since last Wednesday. I just want to sit at my desk and crochet my desires away instead of think about payment reconciliations and finish billing as much as I can by Thursday.

It’s frustrated because while I’m not exactly feeling the holiday spirit this year, my brain has gone on vacation one week before the actual vacation, not that I’ll be going anywhere this year. The weatherman informed there will be two more snowstorms this week – Wednesday and Friday – though the accumulation will most likely be less than the last week’s storm. That was snowmageddon.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great week and I’ll check back in with more of my pesky little thoughts later this week.

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