Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #230: Last Chance

For the final Lens-Artists Photo Challenge of 2022, Tina from Travels and Trifles is asking us to share the photos from 2022 that did not make it onto any of the Lens-Artists Challenges, an honorable-mention-sort-of-thing.

This photo definitely comes to mind and after checking the last few LAPC posts, nope, this photo wasn’t among the photos picked for previous LAPC posts.

This is one of my favorites taken in 2022. I probably don’t have to mention when it was taken as it’s obvious that it was some time in autumn when the leaves of the aspen trees turn into this beautiful golden yellow color.

It was another one of those photos where I searched for photo composition via the camera lens. I find it easier than trying to compose a photo with my naked eyes as looking through the lens helps frame the photo too.

Thank you, Tina, for allowing me to relive some of my favorite visited places of 2022. These pictures are from early August 2022 when I took a trip by myself via a scenic backway. I took so many pictures that day that I feel like I might probably never get all of them processed in Lightroom.

I laughed when I imported this image into my Lightroom library. What was I thinking? Taking a picture of a piece of old driftwood in the middle of the river?

The answer is I probably wasn’t thinking considering I haven’t had much sleep that day.

For the last 3 months, I didn’t know what to to do with this photo. How should I edit it? Should I crop it? Should I make it black and white? Let’s just say I’ve placed this photo onto my avoid list.

Until this challenge provided a little bit of inspiration.

I cropped the photo, upped the luminance on the yellow as well as decreased clarity and texture, making everything look soft. I think that’s probably the best treatment I could’ve given it. For now, at least.

You can probably guess where this was taken.

It was from the American side, if it helps. Maybe it was something I watched on TV years ago but the thought of the Canadian side of the Falls is more beautiful than the American side cemented in my mind. I couldn’t be more wrong. After visiting both sides, I find the American side more beautifully preserved than the Canadian side.

Anyway, I forgot how many photos made up this panorama but I was sure glad I got a new laptop because my old laptop would’ve most likely taken all night to piece the photos into this panorama as opposed to minutes.

I love panoramas because they offer a wider view as opposed to the standard view of a typical photo, don’t you think so?

Finally, I will leave you with this photo. I absolutely love sun-star photos and hope to take more in 2023.

Speaking of 2023, I can’t believe it’s not even here yet and my mom is already planning for summer travels. To be honest, summer is my least favorite time to travel as it’s garden season and I have lots to plant. I sure hope whatever plans she has won’t interfere with my garden. Whatever she decides, I am looking forward to the adventures of 2023.

Happy New Year!

21 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #230: Last Chance

  1. Thanks as always for joining us Yinglan – I found the challenge was a nice way to reminisce about some of the year’s most memorable moments and I think you did too. Beautiful images, glad you had an opportunity to share them with us.

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  2. What a beautiful series, Yinglan! The fall colors of the first image is stunning. The last image is breathtaking. I love the driftwood photo! Thanks for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Outstanding collection Yinglan. And I am glad you found a place for the driftwood on the river. Than was one of my favorites along with the autumn colors. And I agree with you. the sun-star photo is stunning. Over the falls makes it even nicer.

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  4. I loved every one of these – forests, water, fall colours and – well done with the driftwood! I am glad you decided to post it finally, I believe it was its time to shine! Happy Holidays!

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