Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #230: Last Chance

For the final Lens-Artists Photo Challenge of 2022, Tina from Travels and Trifles is asking us to share the photos from 2022 that did not make it onto any of the Lens-Artists Challenges, an honorable-mention-sort-of-thing.

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#SundayStills: Monthly Color – #Lava

This week, Terri at Second Wind Leisure Perspectives is challenging everyone with the color of Lava or a mix of orange, dark brown, and black. What an unusual mix of colors…

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US-Canada Trip 2022 After Thoughts

As of Sunday evening, I was home again, in my own bed, enjoying a quiet night rest. No more sharing a bed with Mom, no more listening to her snoring, and no more having to listen to her loud YouTube playing all night long. The trip has ended at last.

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CFFC: Birds

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #218: Over the Hill

Donna from Wind Kisses is guest-hosting this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge and she is challenging everyone with the topic of Over the Hill.

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US-Canada Trip 2022 Day 3

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CFFC: Curves

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US-Canada Trip 2022 Day 2

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