Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #218: Over the Hill

Donna from Wind Kisses is guest-hosting this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge and she is challenging everyone with the topic of Over the Hill.

What does “over the hill” mean to me?

“Over the hill”, to me, means the apex of something, meaning that the only direction that something will go now is downward. What goes up must come down, right?

Of course, to go “over the hill” is also foreshadowing there will be a fall, right?

Today is day 6 of my road trip and I am pretty sure I went “over the hill” on around day 3 when I saw the Horseshoe Fall at around sunrise. It was the most incredible sight ever – thousands of gallons of water flow down Niagara River to create the majestic Horseshoe Falls every seconds of every day.

Of course, there were other highlights that morning such as getting a sunburst photo successfully and the picture of the Niagara Skywheel came out pretty good. Let’s not forget the trip to Ward’s Island on the Toronto Island Ferry.

The only ferry I’ve ever been on was when I was in China taking a commuter ferry from the Hong Kong airport to my hometown of Zhongshan. It made me seasick and nauseous from the way it bounced on the waves. I was a little worried going on the Toronto Island Ferry, worried I’d get seasick but I was fine. The water was quite calm and the waves weren’t choppy.

That night, mom began feeling sick and she wanted the trip canceled. Unfortunately, our plane tickets are not refundable and to modify it would cost more than the original tickets. I do wish she would let me go explore alone while she’s resting at the hotel but alas, that’s not an option. I don’t know why. Trust issue, maybe?

On the 4th day of the trip, I went up to the observation deck of the CN tower alone while mom waited by the gift shop. She’s afraid of heights. I am, too, but I’ll do fine if I am enclosed in something. I’m only afraid when I’m out in the open.

Anyway, the views were great but let’s face it, nothing can compare to that of the falls. So, like I wrote from the beginning of this post, this trip has gone over the hill in just 3 days.

15 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #218: Over the Hill

  1. Love your intro saying, what goes up must come down and sharing Niagara Falls with that in mind. And the Niagara Skywheel was a unique addition to the challenge. I love that. Sorry your mom wasn’t feeling well, and I am glad you took the trip to the observation deck of the CN tower. Another unique view and application.

    And at the end of the day, you are right. Nothing compares to the mother of all falls, Niagara. Thanks for joining.

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    1. Thank you. Now that I’ve thought about it, the skywheel does have some meaning to the phrase “Over the Hill” as the skywheel has a peak and I remember when I rode Ferris Wheels when I was little and once that peak’s been reached, all the excitement of the anticipation will quickly fade.

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  2. Beautiful shots of Niagara! I am missing that place–haven’t been in a long time. I especially like your view from the CN tower, as I was not able to go up there on my last visit to see the falls from that height.

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