Warriors Over the Wasatch Airshow 2022

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #205: The Eyes Have it

This week, Tina from Travels and Trifles leads Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #205 and she has chosen to focus on the eyes this week.

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #204: Doors

This week on Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #204, Sylvia Bacon from the blog, My Colorful Expression leads the challenge with a topic somewhat challenging for me, Doors.

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #203: Local Vistas

This week on Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #203, hostess Anne Sandler from Slow Shutter Speed is challenging everyone to show a few of the vistas around them.

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #202: Minimalism/Maximalism

Sofia from Photographias is the hostess for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge with the theme of Minimalism/Maximalism.

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #201: Three of a Kind

Ann-Christine from Leya is hosting Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #201 and she has chosen the theme Three of a Kind but according to the prompt, it’s not the three of a kind one usually thinks about. This three of a kind is sort of like telling a story with 3 photos. I’ll try my best on this one.

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Trip to Dinosaur National Monument

Why does it feel like either I’m not taking trips at all or I’m taking trips all the time? It’s the second trip this week (the first was on Sunday) and this time, it was a trip to the Dinosaur National Monument, which is about 4 hours from me in Jensen, Utah. My uncle drove this time while I was in the passenger seat making sure he doesn’t get lost while enjoying the scenery.

I haven’t processed many of the pictures yet but I can tell I got some of my 2022 favorite photos here.

I have been to Dinosaur National Monument before, back in 2017, but as much as I am interested in dinosaurs, I actually came for the natural scenery this time. As we stopped at each location, I tried to find subjects for my photos because one of the recommendation I got from the instructor of the photography composition class I took in April was to focus on something. “Try to focus on something and not just taking pictures of the general landscape.”

I think focusing on something makes a photo that much interesting. Don’t you think so?

Strawberry Bay: Enjoyable or Not?

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #171: Weird and Wonderful

Weird and Wonderful, this is the topic for this week’s Lens-Artist Photo Challenge, hosted by Ann-Christine, which is another topic I find challenging for me.

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #170: Street Art

This week, on Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #170, Patti challenges everyone with the topic of Street Art, which I thought was especially challenging for me.

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#SundayStills – Hobbies

In January of 2020, I toured a house where the hostess has a hobby of collecting nativity figures from every country. Just about every inch of her home – kitchen counter, stove, bedrooms, even bathrooms – was occupied by a nativity figurine and it was supposed to be put away after the new year but she kept it out for my church group.

Some of these figurines were very intricate while some even required special instruments to see.

I wonder if she had done it again for Christmas 2020?


Yellowstone 2021 Day 3

I should’ve done a “Day 3” of the trip 3 days ago but with my guests still in town and work, I just couldn’t find the time.

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Yellowstone 2021 Day 2

It’s amazing how I’m able to find so much in common with my fellow traveler and guest, who happens to be a 15-year-old.

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Yellowstone 2021 Day 1

Of the five Yellowstone trips I’ve taken so far, I think this is the most relaxing trip so far or maybe I’m just exhausted from all the traveling I’ve done recently.

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #147: Gardens

This week, for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #147, Amy challenged everyone with the theme of garden.

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Lens-Artists Challenge #144: Taking Flight

This week, on Lens-Artists Challenge #144, Tina has challenged us with the topic of “Taking flight.”

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Lens-Artists Challenge #142: You Pick It! – Spring 2021

This week for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, we are assigned the easy topic of You Pick It! and I am picking Spring 2021 for my topic.

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Lens-Artists Challenge #141: Geometry

This week for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, Patti has challenged everyone with geometry.

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Lens-Artists Challenge #140: Change of Scenery

Residing the intermountain region of the United States, I’m pretty much landlocked. My typical sceneries are mountains, mountains, and more mountains.

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Lens-Artists Challenge #139: Special Moments

I’ve had many special moments over the years. Most of them are of moments of solitude from watching the sunset on an island to completing solo hikes to catching a glimpse of autumn colors at its peak. It’s tough to have moments of peace and quiet with a family that can turn even the happiest moment in the most beautiful landscape into an argument at the drop of a hat.

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Lens-Artists Challenge #138: Natural Light

I love the topic of Natural Light because landscape photography is absolutely dependent on it, at least, in my opinion.

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Lens-Artists Challenge #135: Glimpse into Your World

This week, Sheetalbravon is guest-hosting this challenge and she challenges us to show a glimpse into our world – things that make our world spin or things that makes us happy.

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Lens-Artists Challenge #134: From Forgettable to Favorite

A few weekends ago, I spent a few hours sitting before my laptop with Adobe Lightroom Classic opened on the second monitor sorting photos. I knew I had a lot of photos but I was not expecting to be almost 5,000 photos. How did I manage to take so many photos and not remember that I took them?

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