CFFC: Curves

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CFFC: Found in Nature

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #187: Water

This week, Anne from Slow Shutter Speed is the host of Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #187 and she has chosen the topic of Water.

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #163: Keep Walking

This week, on Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #163, Amy challenges everyone with the topic of “Keep Walking.”

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Challenge

When I think of challenge, I think of my hiking adventure up Waterfall Canyon in 2017.

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Wits End Weekly Photo Challenge: Moving Water

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Still Water and Waterfalls

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A Photo a Week Challenge: Hidden Treasures

I think hidden treasures are anything or any place that makes one hunt for it or makes one work to get there. Like this waterfall, I had to hike a long time to get there.

Or like this stream, it took me over 30 minutes of walking to get there.

A Photo A Week Challenge

Photo of the Day!

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Exploring the Elements

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