US-Canada Trip 2022 After Thoughts

As of Sunday evening, I was home again, in my own bed, enjoying a quiet night rest. No more sharing a bed with Mom, no more listening to her snoring, and no more having to listen to her loud YouTube playing all night long. The trip has ended at last.

Overall, it was good. There were some highlights and lowlights.


Two particular highlights have to be day 2 and 3. Seeing Niagara Falls was definitely a highlight. These waterfalls are such natural wonders and I thought I was quite lucky that day because I kept checking the weather the night before during my layover in Las Vegas, and rain was in the forecast. I didn’t want gray and cloudy skies to be my photo backdrop, I wanted the sun.

Thankfully, the rain was held off until the evening after we checked into the hotel. The sun was shining with a few clouds overhead which led to some splendid photos from that day.

My highlight for day 3 was the quiet moment I had to myself after Mom got upset, stomped on my foot and stormed away, leaving me to walk along the path alone, and watching the sunrise over the American Falls. I didn’t get many alone moments like these on the trip as Mom kept close eyes on me at all times. I don’t know why but I couldn’t even go out for food alone.

Another highlight was the CN tower in Toronto. It was another one of those precious moments alone because Mom was afraid of heights and she began to feel sick that day. So I rode the elevator – 55 seconds, 114 floors – to the observation deck. The view from there was incredible – 360-degree panorama of Toronto and its islands, which we visited the day before.

Having visited the Willis Tower in Chicago in 2015, I feel this observation deck is not as exciting as the Willis Tower. The one at Willis included a glass floor where it made you feel like you were standing in mid-air. This observation deck did not have that, instead, it has a restaurant, serving coffee and other foods at a premium. I found a table and a seat and I felt quite peaceful enjoying that view.


A major lowlight was definitely listening to my mother complain. She complained about everything and everyone. We stayed at 10 hotels/motels and she complained about every one of them. “Not clean enough.”

I had to listen to her complain almost every minute of every one of those 12 days. In the meantime, I must navigate, read the road signs, and answer all her impromptu questions like what road to take to get back to Buffalo while constantly had to double-check and triple-check Google Maps because she was contradicting my directions. It was frustrating and irritating to say the least.

Meanwhile, I couldn’t complain of all the pain I was having. My gum was getting inflamed over and over with nothing that could get rid of the inflammation. Blisters were forming on my right toes one after another, making walking painful. If I whined about my pain, mom will snap, “well, what about my pain?”

I looked into my bathroom mirror yesterday and swore I aged about 5 years in 12 days – the wrinkles around my eyes have become a little more prominent and there were bags hanging below my eyes, which most likely are due to lack of sleep and perhaps not having a proper meal in 12 days. I couldn’t choose my meals. It was mom’s choice or no choice at all. I wanted to try local food but mom insisted we had Chinese food or Burger King or McDonalds.


I was disappointed I didn’t get to see much autumn colors. I saw a little during the drive from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania to Buffalo, New York but it was still mostly green throughout the trip. The delay in autumn colors probably has something to do with 2022.

I was disappointed when mom had me cancel the Richmond portion of the trip because I feel like Richmond could had been a fun place to visit. And not getting to visit Richmond, Virginia meant I didn’t get to go to Shenandoah National Forest.

Lastly, I was disappointed I didn’t get to try poutine while I was in Canada. I should’ve gone out that night when Mom was passed out in bed due to the medication. It should’ve been a great time but I was tired too.

16 thoughts on “US-Canada Trip 2022 After Thoughts

    1. I actually fell asleep writing this post last night and it was not even 9 PM. So I was very very tired and I am beyond glad to be back in my own bed to enjoy a good quiet night sleep. 😊

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  1. A couple of things. It’s a little early for fall colors, but every year is a little different. We were on the road for about 90 days this summer. We do take breaks and come home for teen days every couple of weeks. Until we are done we really don’t rest but we take a week off to do nothing but sleep, walk and rest. We look and feel about the same as you do until we take that time off. Finally, this will aggravate you but we walk out on the back porch and see the Shenandoahs since we live in the valley. There will be other times, maybe without mom. There is one thing I know about traveling with folks who make you crazy… separate rooms.

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    1. I saw a little bit of the fall colors peeking through as we headed upstate Pennsylvania into New York. It looks like I was too early for the east coast fall colors and most likely too late to see any fall colors in general because my car’s still in the shop so I’m stuck at home for the moment.


  2. Thank you for the tour. Your candid record is enlightening. Mom’s are scared their kids will be stolen. Moms are scared all the time. Choosing safe food. I think you both love each other no matter what. Your notes show that. Well done for respecting her wishes. She appreciates it more than she knows. Your pictures are all great. I will always remember duck on the rock in a raging river.
    You covered a great deal. Well done. I learned new things. Yay. You can now get back to life and rest from your walking routine. Best wishes.

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  3. Wow thae pics are awesome! I do regret never going to Niagara Falls when I was in the States years ago. You pic puts a smile on my face. You made me laugh though describing your mum with the snoring and you tube.

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    1. Thank you.
      Her snoring and listening to YouTube did drive me nearly to the brink of insanity and I am ever so glad to had gotten some quiet shuteye this last week. I don’t usually listen to anything while I’m asleep unless I’m battling with bad restlessness, then I’ll put on some nature sounds.
      It was alternating with my mom. Once YouTube ended, snoring began and vice versa. Never ending all the way to dawn.

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      1. My experience with my mum is so totally different but I never forget some of her signature things like she’ll say “never spoil a good story with the truth” or you will get in trouble for trying to clean the bathroom as it has to be done the right way. There a funny mob mums. Always interesting about your journey. Hope you have your car back now.

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      2. I like that, “never spoil a good story with the truth.”
        I got my car back on Monday. There’s still one more step I must complete before the repair is complete though but in the meantime, I’ll just have to be careful.

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  4. I remember road trips with family, particularly my mother and like you there were times she drove me batty. But were all older now and I look back at those trips thankful at the memories and experiences we shared good or bad. And the time I got to spend with her and them. There will be other trips to enjoy the things you want to do.

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