#WeekendCoffeeShare – Last Day of Vacation

Good morning! My my my, is it October already?

I’m on the road once again today, heading back to Buffalo, New York from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania (about 30 minutes from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) before catching a flight back to Salt Lake early tomorrow morning.

The view from road on this cold wet rainy day on the back roads of PA

So much has happened this week but first I’ll apologize if I cough. Being sick sucks and I’m glad this is just pretend. I wouldn’t want to get you sick.

I began feeling sick on Sunday after sharing a bed with my mom for one night in Ottawa. She was convinced she caught COVID or some kind of bug from the guy she sat next to on the plane. He wore a mask, so did his wife but she seemed out of it like she had just taken a bunch of sleeping pills. The flight attendant almost had to call 911 that night prior to our flight to Buffalo.

Mom was feverish, coughing, and was complaining of a sore throat last Saturday, 4 days after she came in contact with the guy on the plane. She took some medicine bought at a Canadian Walmart and slept for over 12 straight hours. Turned out over-the-counter medications in Canada are not required to label drowsy or non-drowsy or place on the label telling you to not drive after taking medication. 😡

Yesterday, I found out via email about Mr. CFO’s Farewell lunch, which prompted me to message my co-worker to ask “what the heck is going on” and that was after I learned the software at work is malfunctioning again. Turned out Mr. CFO quit and his farewell lunch is next week. I feel like changes are coming.

I don’t know whether I can make it yet since I don’t have a car. The body shop broke something when they were repairing my car and had to order more parts. They said they’d call me this week but I haven’t got a call. So the date of when I have transportation again is TBD. Mom is still pretty sick and I don’t think she’ll go to work next week. So I might be left with taking public transportation.

You may think, oh just these things? Well, these things are causing me plenty of anxiety.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I am looking forward to life going back to normal. I can tell my body has been protesting to have a bit of balance especially in the diet aspect.

Life is not easy when traveling and my mom and I are not meant to be travel buddies. I haven’t been able to get much sleep with her in the same room. She listens to YouTube all night long at top volume and at times, her snoring is louder than YouTube. I can only sleep during those lulls when the room is quiet. Can you imagine catnapping through the night for 10 nights?

I’ve also been hungry because, well, she doesn’t want to try anything new and she doesn’t let me try anything new. Fortunately, we were able to find authentic Chinese food in Philly Chinatown, otherwise, we would’ve settle with eating instant noodles for the duration of the trip. It’s either Chinese food or nothing.

It’s also not easy traveling with someone who gets upset at every little thing and demands you to be at your A-game all the time with doing 2 or 3 things at the same time. She wants it quick, easy, convenient, and perfect. Life isn’t a fast-food restaurant and we don’t live on an assembly line.

#weekendcoffeeshare is hosted by Natalie of Natalie the Explorer. I appreciate you stopping by and hope to chat again same time next week.

17 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – Last Day of Vacation

      1. Yes. Henry and I are still not over it though I had 2 antibiotics. Tested negative for covid at the time. But we cannot go into lockdown again. If I feel ill, I wear a mask out of courtesy. Do take zinc, vitamin C and D. This helps. And drink honey and lemon juice in hot water 3xday. That helps most.

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  1. So – your mom can’t sit still while you drive through a burger or sandwich joint?
    I’d be walking from the hotel to something, anything to get a decent meal, especially since it would be a time of peace and quiet while walking.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Unfortunately not. She won’t even let me make cup noodles for myself. Right now, I’m in Denver airport, I needed to go for a walk after a 3 hour plane ride. She said, “15 minutes”. It’s like I’m on a leash.


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