Tell Me a Lie

I got a haircut at a professional salon recently. When I got home a few hours later, my mom began to pick at my hair. I shooed her away. “What are you doing?”

Short Story: Christmas Spirits Rising

This is the post I’ve been trying to post for the past 30 minutes! But WordPress published another post instead. 😡 Anyway, I wrote this short story for a prompt 4 years ago and thought it would be fun to do some minor edits and re-post it. Please enjoy. Merry Christmas!

Sunday Photo Fiction: The Meaning of a Charm

December 25, 2146, Seaside Village, Historic North Carolina In gray stockings and a wool dress draped around her ankles, eleven-year-old Lula opened the door and stepped out of the two-bedroom rambler she and her parents have called home all their lives. Sucking in a deep breath, Lula glanced around the white-washed, orange-roof village. It had…