Friday Fictioneers: Bittersweet Moments

It’s easy to forget things sometimes like the fact that just five years ago, I was living in the van that’s now gathering dust in my driveway, that whenever I’d go in for job interviews and scribble a random address on the form, that I might be the luckiest person in the world.

Friday Fictioneers: Earth Day

I don’t recall what happened. All I remember is walking alongside the river with my fiancee, Mark, on Earth Day when several loud pop, pop, pop rang in the air. Next thing I knew, I was falling backwards into Mark’s arms, “Leila, what do I do?” He said frantically.

Friday Fictioneers: Too Many Deaths

Alright, let’s see… Winter’s night, ground full of snow, she meets him, keels over and dies. Oh wait, he meets her, faints in her arms and dies??? Ah, what’s wrong with me and death? I dream about death… I write about death… Wait, have I been experiencing bouts of existential crises? Have I? No!!! Let’s…

#Writephoto – Neptune

The statue of King Neptune was the first thing she saw when she arrived at the park. As she stood by the pond, waiting for the guy she’d been texting with to show up for their date, her gaze traveled to the statue in the middle of the pond. She knew who that was unlike…

Friday Fictioneers: Imprisoned

Approaching the Mystical Tree, she whispered, “Grandfather?” Slowly, a white, bony hand emerges. “You’ve come, child.” “Yes and I brought nourishment.” She handed him the bags of blood. Thirstily, he devoured bag upon bag. “I wish I brought more.” “You did good, child. I will be satiated for days. Besides, it isn’t as though I…