What do you see # 150 – Past Life

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Friday Fictioneers: Interestingly Wonderful and Distracting

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook
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What do you see # 137 – Beyond the Gate

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Friday Fictioneers: If I must, I must…

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
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Friday Fictioneers: Just Another Legend

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Friday Fictioneers: Believers

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

“Do you believe in ghosts?

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Friday Fictioneers: Imprisoned


Approaching the Mystical Tree, she whispered, “Grandfather?” Slowly, a white, bony hand emerges.

“You’ve come, child.”

“Yes and I brought nourishment.” She handed him the bags of blood. Thirstily, he devoured bag upon bag. “I wish I brought more.”

“You did good, child. I will be satiated for days. Besides, it isn’t as though I have anywhere to be other than this prison.”

“I’m working on getting you out of this horrid place, grandfather. I promise I will get you out.”

He chuckled, “Five centuries of imprisonment and it still feels like yesterday when the old bat cast the spell.”

(100 Words)

For Friday Fictioneers

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Appointment of a Fun-sucker #writephoto #shortstory #flashfiction #humor

Credit: Sue Vincent

Wee, I laugh as I soar across the sky. This is fun, much more fun than being a human. Wee…

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Friday Fictioneers: Stopping Winter

PHOTO PROMPT © Anshu Bhojnagarwala

“There’s got to be a way to stop this wretched winter!” Jezebel, the eldest of the witch sisters, said, slamming shut the thick book on her lap. Continue reading “Friday Fictioneers: Stopping Winter”

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Karma

Do you believe in karma? If you do, you will know better than forcing me out of my home of 50 years. All because of what? To build your subdivision? If you think you can offer me money to appease what you’ve done, you’ve got another thing coming. I am going to make this land so inhospitable that you will never get anyone to live here.  Continue reading “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Karma”

Friday Fictioneers: Anj

PHOTO PROMPT © Jeff Arnold

I don’t know her name. I call her Anj because that’s all she ever says. “Anj Anj Anj.” Continue reading “Friday Fictioneers: Anj”

Friday Fictioneers: Strange World

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Dear Diary,

Strange things had happened since I last written.

I was running for my life after landing on the accused list of witches. Me! Of all people.

Angry men with torches came after me, wanting me dead and as it started raining, I sought shelter.

Once inside, I prayed, prayed this whole thing would stop and it did. When I heard birds chirping outside, I opened the door and found myself in a strange world where people wear clothes that bare skin and they all carried a small rectangular thing called a phone. 

I am not in Salem anymore. 

(100 words)

Each week, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple hosts Friday Fictioneers where we’re challenged to write a piece of flash fiction in 100 words, more or less, based on the picture above.

Friday Fictioneers: Ageless

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

“I cannot believe this place is still here. I came here all the time when I was a kid.” Sara gasps as she and her husband walks into the umbrella-theme restaurant. Continue reading “Friday Fictioneers: Ageless”

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: The Condition

Credit: Michelle DeAngelis

She stood there, sobbing into his shoulder while he muttered, “It’ll be okay. Everything will be fine.” Continue reading “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: The Condition”

Friday Fictioneers: The Full Moon

PHOTO PROMPT © Gah Learner

Palms-flat pressing on the tabletop, beads of sweat dotting her forehead, teeth clenching, she glanced up at the full-moon. Continue reading “Friday Fictioneers: The Full Moon”

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Sleepwalker

As the cool morning air swept across my face, my first instinct was to get up and close the window. Continue reading “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Sleepwalker”

Friday Fictioneers: The Mirror

PHOTO PROMPT © Nathan Sowers grandson of our own Dawn M. Miller

“Stay away from the mirror!” I was told again and again when I was a little girl. Continue reading “Friday Fictioneers: The Mirror”

Sunday Photo Fiction: Halloween

Photo Credit: Anurag Bakhshi

“Catch me if you can.” Kristy smiled.  Continue reading “Sunday Photo Fiction: Halloween”

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: The Witch and the Boy

The witch laughed, “Are you afraid of me?” He stared at her with a blank look. She took a sip of wine from her glass, “No need to be afraid.” She said. “Unless you betray me, there’s nothing to be afraid. Come here, I’m not going to bite.” She patted the seat next to her and let out a shrill laugh.

Like a robot, the boy obeyed and sneaked a look at the witch as she took another sip of wine. Next to the witch, the stream of water continued to flow from nowhere. “Oh, relax, my darling boy.” The witch said, noticing the frightened look on his face. “Here,” with a wave of her hands, she turned the stream of water into a glass goblet, filled the glass with hot chocolate, and handed it to him. “Drink,” she demanded, “and tell me that’s not the best hot chocolate you’ve ever tasted.

The boy took a sip and immediately felt a wonderful warmth spreading throughout his body. Slowly, he turned to the witch and smiled.

(~175 words)

I am participating in Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writer, where we write a piece between 100 and 150 words (more or less 25 words) in length inspired by the photo prompt above. 

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: The Body

A bloodcurdling scream broke the morning silence as a jogger discovered the beheaded body of Joshua Soup. “What’s wrong?” Continue reading “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: The Body”

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Destroyed

“Amber, what did you do?” Michael said, out of breath.  Continue reading “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Destroyed”

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: The Girl in the Cave

Every midsummer night, when the veil between the living and the dead is thin, ghost fanatics would visit this collapsed cave, all hoping to catch a glimpse of a girl drawing on the wall like she had been drawing on these walls her whole life. Continue reading “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: The Girl in the Cave”

#writephoto – Transformation

He climbed to the top of the hill and leaned against the tree. He tore his shirt open as an attempt to stop the fiery pain in his chest. Continue reading “#writephoto – Transformation”