What do you see # 137 – Beyond the Gate

Image credit; Keith Hardy @ Unsplash

Please note: This is fiction!

Summer watched from behind the trees as the wrought iron gates swung open at her mother’s request. She gasped. How did she do that? Wait, can I do that? She wondered.

The moment her mother crossed the threshold, she draped the hood of her cloak over her head and with a wave of her hands, the gates swung shut and slowly, the middle of the two gates joined together and became sealed as vines quickly slithered up the rusted iron bars.

Slowly, Summer approached the gates. “The way,” she read aloud the words on the gates. “The way to where? To what?”

Taking a deep breath, Summer concentrated on summoning the magic within her even though before that day, she thought her mother just did parlor tricks. She wanted to know where her mother went all the times she disappeared for days, sometimes weeks and even months. She was tired of being all alone in a house at the edge of the woods. She was fraught with fears.

Trying her best to mimic her mother, she waved her hands. To her surprise, the gates opened obediently. Awkwardly, she stepped toward the opening until she was a step from the threshold. Taking a deep breath, Summer leapt across the threshold. “Whoa,” she looked around. The surroundings changed suddenly – from sunny afternoon skies to dark and gloomy.

Waving her hand again, the gate swung shut. “Mother better have a good explanation for this.” She said as she begin traversing the path.

What do you see?


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