Higher Power Intervention?

If you have followed this blog long enough, you’d know I have an actively wild imagination and I believe in lots of things. One of those things is fate. Maybe it’s my imagination but I feel like someone’s watching over me, pointing me in the right direction when I need guiding.

I feel like that’s what I’m needing at the moment.

It’s been a while since I had my car serviced. Each time I drove, I checked the oil life meter, which tells me how long I have left until my car needs service again. It was down to 27% when I visited my therapist on Monday and I knew I should call the car dealership to schedule a maintenance.

Coincidentally enough, the dealership called me that afternoon, wanting to schedule a service.

Tuesday, on my way to work, I stopped to get some gas for the car, even though I still had half tank. Between Monday night and Tuesday morning, the gas price increased by $0.10 per gallon, putting it that much closer to $5 per gallon of gas. I felt fortunate I don’t live in an area where the gas is over $5 yet.

I watched the gages at the gas station spin – $10, $20, $32 for a half tank of gas. Ridiculous!

That night, I came home, feeling anxious. The gas prices and all the stuff happening around the world have caused so much anxiety in me even though I no longer read the news. I began browsing cars online because who knows how much higher will the price for a gallon of gas go? As much as I love my current car, I knew one day, I’ll have to give in.

At that moment, I heard mom’s voice in my head. “Don’t be stupid. Use your head and think. You’re not going to use $400 worth of gas in a month. Forget it.”

Then, there was another voice. “You’re an adult. You can make your own damn decisions.”

Before another voice could interrupt me, I went and filled out an auto loan application for $30,000, just to see what interest rate I’d be getting. I haven’t heard back yet.

On Wednesday afternoon, a customer service representative from the dealership called me, wanting to know if I’m interested in getting an appraisal for my car. Okay, is this dealership psychic? Or is there a higher power intervening?

I said sure. It’s just an appraisal – a number of my car’s worth. It doesn’t mean anything. When I told mom about it that afternoon, she immediately tried to talk me out of it. She didn’t even want me to get my car serviced. She asked why I need to get my car serviced when she had been the one who touted to service vehicles regularly to make it last longer.

“It’s just a number, okay?” I assured her. I had no intention of telling her I want to trade in my car to get an electric or hybrid because that’s a can of worms I’m refusing to open as I know how she’ll react.

Which brings us to today, Friday. My service appointment is at 8:30 AM and the appraisal is right after. I’m probably on my way to the service appointment as this post goes live. I hope a sign will present itself so I don’t make any dumb decisions.

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