What do you see # 150 – Past Life

Photo by Robert Lukeman on Unsplash

Please note: This is fiction!

She had always wanted to know about her past life. How did her past self live? What was it like? How did she die in the past life? So when she learned about her therapist performing past life regression, she jumped at the chance.

Moments after her therapist sent her under hypnosis, she suddenly became aware she was standing in the middle of a field of concentric circles. “What do you seeing?” She could hear her therapist’s question in my head.

In a flat voice, she answered, “I’m in a field of concentric circles. I can see the sun setting. There are people all around me, walking, circling me.” Her breath hitched.

“Do you know why?”

In her mind’s eyes, she concentrated, trying to sharpen the images as it shifted between blurry and sharp like someone trying to manually focus a camera. Then she heard a man’s voice boom in her brain. “Tonight,” he spoke in a strange accent. Welsh? Scottish? Irish? “Ladies and gentlemen, we will rid our problem. We will rest well tonight knowing evil has been put away.”

Suddenly, she became aware her hands were tied behind her back. She gasped. “What’s happening?” Her therapist asked.

“It’s me.” She cried. “I’m the evil.”

“How do you plead, Witch?” The man snarled and stepped closer. “Any last words before pleading guilty?”

She spat in his face and said through gritted teeth, with an accent similar to his. “The guilty party is you.”

He pulled a handkerchief from his coat and wiped his face before turning to the crowd once more. “The witch has pled her guilt. Now, it’s time for the verdict. Witch, we find you guilty and you are hereby sentenced to death. Light her up!”

Men carrying torches emerged from the back of the crowd and one by one, they tossed the torches at the pyre beneath her feet. The moment the flame touched the pyre, it began traveling toward her. She looked up at the sky, closed her eyes, and began muttering in a strange language.

“Please do not condemn me to eternal damnation for I am innocent”, she muttered the words on repeat as the flame started to consume her. Screaming in pain, she never stopped muttering the words until the final second.

Back in her therapist’s office, she bolted upright, heart beating out of her chest. “What did you see?” Her therapist asked anxiously.

“Oh. My. God,” was all she could say.


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