Friday Fictioneers: Imprisoned


Approaching the Mystical Tree, she whispered, “Grandfather?” Slowly, a white, bony hand emerges.

“You’ve come, child.”

“Yes and I brought nourishment.” She handed him the bags of blood. Thirstily, he devoured bag upon bag. “I wish I brought more.”

“You did good, child. I will be satiated for days. Besides, it isn’t as though I have anywhere to be other than this prison.”

“I’m working on getting you out of this horrid place, grandfather. I promise I will get you out.”

He chuckled, “Five centuries of imprisonment and it still feels like yesterday when the old bat cast the spell.”

(100 Words)

For Friday Fictioneers

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18 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Imprisoned

    1. Well the grandfather is a vampire and it’s a typical diet for that kind of species. Haha, the old bat definitely knew what she was doing when she locked him inside a tree. 😀


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