Monday Peeves – Hats

Paula Light is the lovely hostess for The Monday Peeve, where I get to do the thing I cannot do in real life – air my inner most complaints.

Okay, what’s up with my mom and hats?

Hats, hats, hats!

She told me I must wear a hat on our trip to the UK. “It’ll make you look sophisticated and like lady,” she says.

She also says women are required to wear hats outside in the UK. The only place they don’t have to wear hats is inside. Sort of like how the military does it – hats on outside, hats off inside. Oh, did I mention the hats she’s talking about is not just any old hat?

She bought a derby hat – the kind of hat people wear to weddings and horse races, not that we’re going to any of that anytime soon but that’s the hat she bought except in blue. I think it looks ridiculous and not sure how I’d feel walking down the street with someone wearing that.

I went conservative and just got myself a regular sunhat. At least I can use it afterwards when I do yard work.

I don’t know where she heard such a ridiculous thing of women are required to wear hat outside in the UK. My UK blogging friends, please feel free to jump in and give me reassurance that this might be a 19th or a 20th century tradition but not a 21st century thing because I have watched tons of YouTube videos on touring London and didn’t see anyone wear hats whatsoever.

After swearing to not watch the coronation on Saturday, mom spent the entire weekend watching the coronation – version after version from different country’s TV networks. She noticed it was raining and some people were wearing these hat umbrellas – an umbrella you wear on your head. Now, she’s ordered 3-packs of those ridiculous things and expects me to wear one on our trip.

No thanks, I’d rather carry an actual umbrella as opposed to wearing one.

20 thoughts on “Monday Peeves – Hats

  1. I can assure you that women are not required to wear hats, it might have once been favoured etiquette by the upper classes in the Victorian and Edwardian ages, but has never been a rule

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  2. We are in London often. My SIL lives in London. I am pretty sure that your mom is around 100 years old and even then it was fashionable, not required. In the turn about is fair play category, tell your mom that everybody must wear leather Wellington Boots. Heh.

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    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ She’s an oldie and her friend did wear a sun hat when she visited from the UK a few years ago but I think that’s just it, a sun hat, not a fancy colorful derby hat. I wear a sun hat now, too, but only to protect my face from the high UV.


  3. I live in the UK and certainly don’t wear a hat when I’m outside and unless you’re royalty or going somewhere posh, neither does anyone else. I’m not a fan anyway, but in the winter I will wear a beanie to keep me warm, but rarely a hat in the summer. If it’s too hot, I don’t go out unless first thing in the morning or in the evenings.

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    1. That’s what I told her when she first suggested it. Just about the only place I’ve seen people wear hats were in the royal weddings and historical fictional films.

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  4. You are not required to wear a hat unless you are the queen or the princess. It’s optional. I never saw anyone wearing a posh hat in England when I lived there. Ordinary folk will ignore you because they will think you are too posh for them if you wear your mom’s hat.
    A sun hat is practical and acceptable.

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