#WQ #18: Grow

This week’s Wednesday Quotes is all about the concept of growing and I am choosing plants for my muse.

The first thing I thought of when I saw this topic were plants. Sometimes, I feel plants are stronger than any of us. They have one purpose – to grow and spread its seeds so it can regenerate and they will grow in the strangest of places and sometimes, they are even stronger than we give them credit for.

Just look at the progression of this raised bed garden from March to May 2023. They grow up so fast, don’t they?

I feel such an insult every time my mom tells me I’m wasting money buying for the garden, that the amount of money I spent building my garden is enough to pay for years of food at Whole Foods. It just makes my insides boil every time she says things like this.

I don’t grow my garden for the money or the food. I grow for the beauty, so I don’t have to stare at a pile of rocks everyday when mom decided to do away with grass in 2021.

I grow my garden to practice patience, to see the plants grow, similar to how parents watch their children grow. I can’t have children and I don’t want to adopt just to bring a child up in a household like mine when I still have to ask permission in my own house. So watching my plants grow is the closest thing I will ever get to experience the joy of a parent seeing a child grow up.

10 thoughts on “#WQ #18: Grow

    1. It’s definitely something that cannot be monetized. The feelings I get from watching plants grow is absolutely priceless. I wish my mom would understand that instead of constantly pointing out the money I spend on the garden.

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  1. I don’t have children, either, Yinglan. My husband’s son is now 53, and he was 25 when hid dad and I married. I was shocked that grown children need mothering, but they do. You may be surprised at what happens in your life when you least expect it. My sister-in-law was 56 when her dad died. He said, “Vince and Marsha will take Cindy,” to her other brother’s wife. I have enjoyed watching her grow and mature into a woman, now aged 71. She’s on her own and doing well. You just never know.

    Your mother is not kind to you. I hope you have some “substitute moms” who are supportive. I did that with my dad – had other dads who I felt closer to than mine.

    That said, I think you are doing a great thing, growing plants. I loved my garden. Even in Prescott, where it is not so garden-friendly, I still have the urge every year to grown one. The first year the javelina ate my tomato plant to the ground when it was almost ready to produce. I covered the plants the second year, and got 4 good tomatoes from 3 plants. I’m going to plant some this year as soon as I get back home to Prescott. LOL Great post for “growing.”

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    1. I do believe some people have a need to be mothered even at an old age. It just depends on how they were raised when they were young.
      I was trained at a very young age to be independent, that no one can take care of me and give me what I want other than myself. Despite all that, I do have a craving for a maternity figure from time-to-time.
      Yikes about your tomatoes. I had to Google what a javelina is. Wow! 😮 Good luck with your tomatoes this year.

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