#WQ #11: Bridges

For this week’s Wednesday Quotes, Marsha challenges us to think about bridges.

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#WQ #10: Rare and Precious

For this week’s Wednesday Quotes, Marsha challenges us to find all that’s rare and precious to us.

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Share Your World – Week of November 7, 2022

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What do you see # 134 – The Reflection in the Mirror

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A-Z Challenge 2016: F for Friendship

Friendship Quote

You kinda knew I would do F for friendship, didn’t you? So anyway, I can definitely relate to this quote .

As I’ve said on day three of this challenge, I visited my friend, Kat during spring break. At her home, there were posters of pretty girls taped against her kitchen wall, she said it’s there to serve as her inspiration. I avoided looking at that wall during the remainder of my visit. Looking at pictures of half-dressed girls made me uncomfortable.

That night, after finishing my regular TV hours, I returned to my room to check my texts. Kat had flooded my tablet with texts about how she wanted me to do the Master degree program with her and then we could open a tax firm. Then the following text became about how I have to diet and lose weight, then about how I have to fix my teeth with implants, and how much I need a nose job.

The texts reminded me of my mom and how she’s constantly trying to plan my future for me not to mention, she criticizes my appearance too. It made me wonder, is Kat embarrassed by how I look? When I decided to be her friend, I didn’t realize it would require a change to my physical appearance. I guess what I’m trying to say is like the quote says, I’m not looking for anyone to fix me. I don’t need to be fix or my future planned for me. I just need someone who will be there for me.

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New Year Inspirational Quote #1

I can’t take it anymore! I have to do it. I have to fulfill my promise to my fellow bloggers. It’s been too long. So to start, I’d want to thank these three awesome bloggers for nominating me for this challenge. Continue reading “New Year Inspirational Quote #1”

Photo101: Treasure and Close Up

This assignment is a little tricky because it asks about treasures and yet, it showed a piece of delicious tart. Then I understood. The delicious tart is a symbolic way to say that things will be gone sooner or later. Therefore, we have to treasure it while it lasts.

So what is my treasure? I’ve been asked that question before when I took Writing 101 in April. Then, it was the things we treasure and I picked my iPod. I am not going to do that again.

My other treasure is symbolic. It is friendship. I don’t make friends easily but when I make a friend, I tend to hold on to that friend like a vise. So, I was a little sad when I had to move to Texas. Before I went, my friend gave me this last thing to hold on. She made it all, all out of straws (the kind you drank from). Although presently, we are merely just acquaintances, I have treasured this parting gift and I am so glad this assignment jogged my memory. wpid-dscf0091.jpg


She had taught me to make these stars once but I wasn’t as good as her. It’s quite difficult to pull the straw through such a small space with my chubby fingers. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Close Up

Writing 101: A Character-Building Experience

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