What do you see # 134 – The Reflection in the Mirror

Image credit; Amine M’Siouri @ Pexels

This is purely fiction!

It’s been a year since he had lost his best friend in a tragic accident. Before then, he’d woke up to the aroma of his cooking in the kitchen of their shared apartment. Now, he dreaded going home each night because everything in their 2-bedroom apartment reminded him of his best friend and as he wanted to terminate the lease and move to somewhere that did not remind him of the person he’d lost, he couldn’t. The landlord required a payment of 3 months rent to terminate the lease.

“3 months?” He felt his jaw drop to the floor as the landlord told him the terms. He didn’t have 3-months rent. He barely had a month. Feeling resigned, he returned to the apartment. “Oh yeah, what a great idea it is to sign a 3-year lease.” He muttered, feeling waves of pent-up frustration building inside him.

In a fit of rage, his fist connected with the mirror on the wall. As the mirror shattered and shards fell on the floor, he hissed, “damn it,” as beads of blood began to pool around his knuckles. In pain, he bent and picked up one of the shards. For a second, all he saw was his reflection but then suddenly, he saw his best friend. “Spencer?”


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