Sunday Poser #80

As much as I like to say I’m truthful, I’m not. I don’t think anyone can really say they’re truthful because to be truthful, one must tell the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth all the time and I don’t that’s possible and if there is such person, then that person might be the most hated person among peers, family, basically everyone.

So no, I am not truthful.

But just because I’m not truthful doesn’t mean I lie all the time either. Yes, I do lie but only to please others or to get myself out of trouble. Like if mom asked me if I think she’s overweight, I would say no to spare her feelings. So see what I mean, if I am to tell the truth all the time, I would be hated. Sometimes, a simple white lie can be a helpful tactic to avoid getting into trouble.


7 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #80

  1. That’s the way most people think, but if I find out someone lies, it is very hard to trust anything they say. In response to your mother’s question, I would respond with, “It doesn’t matter what I think, what do you and your doctor think.” That does not mean I would not lie in matters of life or death, however. There are some Biblical stories that present situations in which the heroes and heroines have lied to save lives. Also there are times when they “shaded the truth.” If one lies to me to get money, that’s another matter. 😀

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