Share Your World – Week of May 16, 2022

Do you become discouraged by the annual “Blogging Ennui” phenomenon that comes around every year?    (it’s early this year IMO) (blogging ennui means (to me) a distinct slow down in writing and participation, which lasts an indefinite period of time).

I have definitely felt that. For me, it typically happens around January or February, essentially the coldest months of the year when I don’t want to go outside. I think the worst usually comes February when outside is slushy, wet, and cold. When you step outside, all you feel is cold and wet even though you’re dry. That’s one of the worst feelings in the world.

No, I don’t feel discouraged by that because there’s always something for me to talk about even if I don’t have pictures.

If you were in a room filled with you and your doppelganger (someone who looks exactly like you do.  Supposedly everyone has at least one out there in the world)  and 2 billion dollars, what would you do?   What do you think your doppelganger would do?

That depends. Is my doppelganger a bizarro version of me, i.e. is she my evil counterpart? If she is, I will fight to the death for that money because there’s no way I’ll let my evil half take the money.

On the other hand, if she is just a replica of me, then sure, let’s split it 2 ways.

A building is burning. You have time to either save a child trapped inside or a valuable painting which you would then sell, using the money to save 20 children from starvation. What would you do and why?

I am torn because one life or 20? Oh, what the heck, I will save the child. There’s a chance the painting is fake and would come back and bite me from behind. No thanks. I’m going with saving the child.

What’s your opinion of yams or sweet potatoes?

I think there’s a time to eat yams and/or sweet potatoes and that time isn’t every day. I happen to dislike both yams and sweet potatoes because mom used to make me eat rice with Japanese yams almost every night and I hated it because I would feel weird and bloated afterward. Lately, I’m starting to think it might be the rice because I have the same reaction with eating plain rice now. Not fun.

Share Your World Challenge

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