#WQ #10: Rare and Precious

For this week’s Wednesday Quotes, Marsha challenges us to find all that’s rare and precious to us.

For me, true friendship is something that’s rare and precious in life. Despite the few people I’ve been able to call friend in life, I’ve never been able to call anyone of them a true friend because a true friend should be someone who’s accepting – flaws and all – instead of constantly trying to change me and fix me to be the person in their image.

When I think of precious things in life, it’s not a tangible thing I can think of. I think the most precious thing in life has got to be time because once you lose a second, you can’t get it back.

16 thoughts on “#WQ #10: Rare and Precious

  1. When I think of true friends I think of people that you may not see all year but when you do it’s like they have never been away.
    Thanks for sharing this. You remind me that good friends are rare and precious

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  2. These are deep thoughts, Yinglan. I love the idea that real friends don’t leave you in dark places. They don’t even try to join you there or compete by sharing their dark places. They reach in and bring you out of them. Beautiful post! Thanks for linking to WQ! 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I think friends are supposed to be there to support each other, not follow one or the other. That, in my opinion, is the definition of a true friend. Unfortunately, that’s hard to find these days.


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