#WQ #11: Bridges

For this week’s Wednesday Quotes, Marsha challenges us to think about bridges.

I spent my first two years in college studying bridges. It wasn’t something I enjoyed. I’m the type of person who does well with the hands-on approach, not theory, and that’s exactly how one studies bridges – by studying past failures while theorizing how to improve it to make it better.

I think that can be said about life sometimes.

As I mentioned at the end of Monday’s post, my uncle (mom’s brother-in-law) blew up in the car ride home last weekend over the simplest thing of who will maintain his lawn while his family are away in China. On Monday, my mom blocked him and her sister from all forms of contact.

I did the same upon her urge. To be honest, I’ve wanted to do that for a long time, ever since everyone started depending on me for everything but I didn’t have the heart. It’s one of my flaws – I never have the heart to do anything mean to anyone.

I do have feeling, though, that this is only temporary and whether I like it or not, I have a feeling it’ll be mom dragging me back across that bridge into this toxic relationship with my aunt and uncle. For now, I’m happy with not being on-call for so many folks.

13 thoughts on “#WQ #11: Bridges

  1. Your photo is beautiful, Yinglan. You are a person of many talents! I read and reread your sentence about your uncle blowing up several times getting so caught up in the mental picture of him crossing a bridge and physically blowing up! I was actually relieved that he lost his temper! I know what that feels like to be trapped in a car with a bad-tempered person who goes on and on. I’m so sorry that happened, but you pulled out a positive from the whole experience.

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    1. I think that was what happened (at least in my mind), my mom’s relationship with him have always been this delicate bridge. I mean I’ve always tiptoed around him even when I was younger. When he blew up that day, it was the last straw and he destroyed whatever relationship that was left with my mom.
      I was actually frightened that day because arguing with the person driving the car is never wise but I definitely felt a bit relieved when mom told me to block them because they are the ones who caused the most stress and anxiety.


      1. I’ve been avoiding him for as long as I’ve known him. I thought he’d changed in the recent years, apparently not. They are definitely people that should be liked from a distance.


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