Stress Talk #9: Just Trying to Do Good

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these because I haven’t had much time or reason to do one until now.

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Stress Talk #8: System Malfunction

It turned out this past weekend was that time of the year again – tax filing time. I hate that time of the year, right after the health insurance buying period (November 1 – mid-December). Even though she claims she knows more about taxes than me, my mom cannot file a single tax return without calling me over to help.

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Stress Talk #7: Deja Vu

Here we are, number 7 in this series. The last one was right before the new year. I didn’t think I’d do one this week but here we are – first week of 2021 – and I’m already stressed. Surprise, surprise. I almost sleep-walked two nights ago so that’s a sign.

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