Writing 101: The Things We Treasure

Today’s prompt is way way way too similar to the one I did on March 23 that it’s practically identical. If you wish to read my response, it’s right here. Therefore I’m going to do Writing 101 instead. The assignment is to write a story about my most prized possession.

This is my most prized possession. My iPod Classic 80 GB.

It was replaced by the 120 GB a few months after I bought it and as far I hear, it is completely discontinued now. So it’s no longer sold anywhere unless you buy a refurbished one on Ebay which makes this one that much more special. This is basically one of the last ones produced.

I have been wanting an iPod ever since the first iPod classic first came out. You cannot believe how much time I spent just staring at the screen just wishing and praying I would soon have an iPod of my own. I asked my step-father but he was too afraid to buy one because of my mom.

After I moved to Utah, I stopped asking for it. Obviously because I now live with my mom and I don’t have to tell you the reasons but for some reason, she knew I wanted one. Before she left for basic training, she promised me that the moment she got her first paycheck from the military, I could have my iPod.

So I patiently waited for the day to come, dreaming of holding iPod in my hands with almost unlimited music in my ears.

Finally, the day came. My heart was set on a 160 GB iPod as my mom’s friend took me to Costco. I quickly finished my hot dog and almost ran to the shelf. I searched for the 160 GB but all I saw was the 80 GB. I went and asked the manager but he told me the store didn’t have the 160 GB.

Disappointingly, I grabbed the 80 GB. My mom’s friend asked why. I told her they didn’t have the 160 GB. She offered to take me to another Costco but I didn’t want to the trouble. So instead, I got the 80 GB.

That night, I was super excited, my legs went up and down waiting for my mom’s friend to take me home after dinner. After I got home, I took a quick shower and began playing with my new toy. It took me all night to learn to operate it because the instruction didn’t exactly provide a clear instruction on operating the iPod. At passed 1 am, I put on the earbuds and went to bed, listening to my favorite songs as I drifted to sleep.

It had been my friend since the very first day. I couldn’t go anywhere without it.

So when my mom took it away, I was shocked. It was beyond my comprehension. At first I thought she was just kidding. You see, it’s not like her to take things away as a punishment. It was my step-father’s way. Her way was to yell and scream and break you down until you had nothing left.

So when she took away my precious iPod, I was like yeah right at first until I learned it was for real.

And all because of what? I didn’t do well on the ACT? I studied hard everyday. It’s not exactly my fault I get anxious taking a timed test. No one ever helped me get over it.

For weeks, I searched the apartment but there was no trace of my friend. She had hid it in a place I would never find it find it again. There was just one thing to do, give up and just focus on the test.

The evening after my ACT, as I was searching the desk drawer for mom’s checkbook, I came across my iPod. I unblinkingly stared at it. Is this for real?

I’ve searched every spot in the apartment. I held up my iPod and mom’s just shrugged. Did she put it there for me to find? Was this her way of telling me my punishment was at last over?

My newly reunited friend and I didn’t last long though. One morning, as I was walking along the corridor on my way to the school library, my iPod slipped from my hands and tumbled to the ground. Although nothing was shattered, the iPod was damaged. The screen had turned white and once it turned white, there was no fixing it.

I was more shocked than when mom took it away. It was more like my world’s been shattered into a million pieces. For a month, I didn’t have the courage to tell my mom. I tried to take care of it on my own but I needed money to ship the iPod back to Apple headquarters to get a replacement since I’m still under the warranty.

At last, I told her. She offered hardly any sympathy. However she did give me the money for shipping.

So the one I have now is actually a replacement. Since then I have been treating it super gently.

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