Stepping Out

Today’s Prompt asks: When was the last time you did something completely new and out of your element? How was it? Will you do it again?

professional-business-lunchTruthfully, I don’t believe in stepping out of my element. I have this belief that if I did that, something horrible’s going to happen. Therefore, I’m not really into trying new things.

The last time I really stepped out of my element was attending the professional lunches sponsored by the professional networking club, Beta Alpha Psi, at my school. It forced me to social and network with various professionals and learn about the opportunities that are available in the field.

Actually, that was after I vowed to make my graduate school years different than the undergraduate. When I did my undergraduate degree, I was almost blind to the job opportunities. Other than completing the classes, I had no idea what I am to do next. I had no idea how to find work, get internships, or even get experience.

I remember at my very first lunch. I stood there, had no idea what to do. Do I sit down? Do I grab some food? Are we waiting for someone?

After a few minutes, an officer of the club said it was okay to grab some food. Okay, so I did and grabbed a sit around the table. I had no idea what was on my plate but it’s a worth a try.

Next, we were to introduce ourselves. As the introduction went around the table, I suddenly found my hands shaking. Why were my hands shaking? Nervous? Of course! Who wouldn’t be?

When it was my turn, I stuttered through the whole thing. I think I messed up my entire introduction. I only told everyone my first name instead of first and last. I told them I was a leveling student and could hear crickets chirping in the room. Only a few people knows what a leveling student is.

Next I said I am currently a translator and suddenly, everyone seemed disinterested. It felt like if I was auditioning for a role, the casting director would raise the bullhorn to his mouth and scream, “Next!”

So for the next several lunches, I assigned a task for myself, to work on my introduction. So far, none has captured anyone’s attention yet. So I’ll just work on that and hopefully in the fall when I attend the lunches, I’ll be ready.

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