Writing 101: Don’t Stop Rockin’

Man, I’ve been just so busy this last month, with school, the new job, and the A to Z challenge, it felt like I spent most of April just rushing from place to place. I am just now catching up with the Writing 101 assignments. So bear with me now. We’re going to have a Writing 101 marathon during the next couple of days.

I have been writing my posts ahead of time so I’ll have time to work on other things. Obviously not the posts for the daily prompts but you get my point. 🙂

Life’s been pretty plain lately. No big fights. In fact, lately, I feel like mom and I have been treating each other like roommates. Just passing through, say hi. She cooks, I do the dishes. I watch TV, she watches her Chinese shows on YouTube.

I like it like this. I careless about what she does and neither does she.

Yesterday was the first of May which meant my translating job was starting again. There are more articles that need to be updated this month than the last (483 articles). I translated about 1300 words yesterday and who knows how many more I’ll translate today.

I wonder if this summer will be same as last where I spent every single day working, studying, and arguing. The worst part about last summer was the fact I did all these things in a 90+ degree room. Mom would rather open the windows and welcome in the dust than turn on the AC. I couldn’t go down to the basement either because it was worse with all the spiders crawling the walls. Hopefully, this year will be better with its fresh coat of paint and all. Maybe if I move into the basement, I’ll have more privacy and won’t have anyone barging in to find out what I’m doing every five minutes. That would be fantastic!

Oh, my new job is going great too. I’m about three-quarter done with the project and hopefully, after that I can focus on studying and something else. Hint: writing fictions. 😉

The weather report said there’s supposed to be a storm this weekend. Mom doesn’t believe it. I’m not sure I do either. The sky certainly doesn’t look like it’s going to rain anytime soon. Perhaps it’ll change overnight.

Hmm, what other thoughts do I have?

Oh yes, I took a quick peek at the daily post weekly photo challenge. The theme for this week is intricacy and I know just what to post but I’ll have to wait until Monday after mom’s gone to work. I can’t really go anywhere while she’s at home. It can cast suspicion. You know what I mean?


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