Writing 101: Point of View

Okay, I’m going out of order here so I can catch up with this week’s writing 101 assignments. This is Day 9’s assignment. I hope you will enjoy my bit of flash. 🙂

The man’s point of view:

Our arms linked together as we stroll along the path on this beautiful day. It’s been such a long time since I’ve been able to just take a day off and don’t have to sit behind my cramp desk at the office. Life is such a crazy roller-coaster ride sometimes.

Jessica leans her head against my shoulder. I can feel her grow more and more impatient by the day, just waiting for the day when I will get down on my knees to propose.

I was going to a couple nights ago but a case at work kept me working overtime and by the time I got home, it was well passed midnight and she was already asleep. I heave a soft sigh. I have to do it soon before it’s too late.

The woman’s point of view:

It is such a beautiful day today. I wish we can do this more often, just us strolling along this beautiful lake, arm-in-arm, no phone distractions. I subtly gaze up at Russ. He seems so distant these days. I remember he wasn’t like this when we just barely started dating. We almost always fought between who’s going to cook the next meal. Russ would end up winning and I would end up laughing. Nowadays, my nights are often spent alone and Russ wouldn’t come home until the middle of the night.

He tells me it’s because of the urgent cases at work. I find myself often wondering if it is or it’s just some sad excuse to avoid me. I sigh quietly. We have been together for two years and I’ve moved into his apartment for one year. Perhaps, we’re just tired of each other and his excuse at work is just to get away from me. Perhaps, it’s time we take a break.

The old lady’s point of view:

It was so sweet of my granddaughter to gift me a computer for my birthday. She practically helped me to find my new hobby. She showed me this genius website, Youtube, where they had a video for everything. One day, I randomly clicked somewhere and 10 minutes later, I was convinced to put on my coat and driving down to Joann’s and get me a bag of yarn and some knitting needles.

I sniff and glance up from my knitting. Oh look, a young couple is walking by. How lovely. I don’t see young people stroll around the park anymore, not like that, arm-in-arm, the girl leaning against the boy. Nowadays, people seem to be always on their phones, even the rag tag boys and their boards are staring at their phones. I’m surprised they don’t run into trees.

Oh my, I’m all out of yarn. I better pack up and go get some more.

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