Temporary Home

No one was fated to spend a life in such a small space, especially not these brothers, just barely getting by, dependent on its caretakers to feed and bathe them. The book, Temporary Home, chronicles the brothers’ daily life and reading their story will bring you to tears.

Temporary Home begins in the brothers’ early days when they had spent in an aquarium. They had many great friends but somehow their friends would disappear now and then. Their then-caretaker told them he had found a great home for their friends. On that fated day, their future caretaker, a girl with long silky black hair and glasses approached the tank. “Which do you like?” Their caretaker had asked the girl.

The girl pointed at the brothers and at that moment, they knew the girl would be their new home.  The moment they arrived at their new home, the girl fed them pellets she had bought at the store, just three. The brothers ate hungrily and after that eyed the container of pallet, wanting more but their owner had stopped caring for them.

A few months later, the brothers were passed onto their owner’s friends while their owner went on vacation. The brothers’ life at the friends were even worse. They spent day after day, almost drowning in their urine and feces.

A few months later, the brothers were once again passed onto another. This time, a lady and a girl. At first glance, the brothers knew they would be the same as the friends but at the same time, they knew this would be different. They were right.

Their new caretakers made sure they were well-fed, clean, and warm. This was the best home they ever had but they knew this is not forever. Eventually, they would have to return to their lives of starvation and misery.

My review: five out five stars, definitely.

I love the personification of this book. The author portrait the turtle brothers like real people. Reading it the first time, you can never tell whether it was talking about the life of a person or animals. The brothers seemed so real.

It definitely made me cry, alright especially the part of the brothers not getting enough to eat. I felt so bad for them. No one should be starved. So yes, I will definitely recommend this book even if it’s not written.

7 thoughts on “Temporary Home

  1. Poor things. And turtles live forever. Imagine a life of always being an orphan. I saw my first turtle of the season. He was huge, and probably a snapping turtle. He was stuck behind a chicken wire barricade designed to keep beavers from blocking a culvert. Animal Control told me not to worry about him, since he has to learn to turn around and go through the culvert to the other side of the street where the open creek was. The next day he was gone, and there was an upside down orange hard hat there. I wonder if someone called the highway department to move him.

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  5. I too feel bad for all animals. For these reasons. I’m a strict vegetarian and so is my son. We can’t thinking of eating dead animals.
    At my house, as winters approach, various stray cats come and occupy space on the back verandah/porch as it is covered yet open. They sleep on the couch at night, they give birth to kittens, create mess. But I’m unable to shoo them off. One sad look in the mother’s eys and my heart melts.

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