Homework, TV, or Sleep

What do I do when I’m not writing?

So many things. For one, I’ve been trying to catch up on sleep. Ever since my mom yelled at me last week because she falsely accused me of staying in bed after 8 am, she hadn’t allowed me to sleep in since then.

Every morning, at a quarter to eight, she would yank open the basement door. Her loud voice would travel down the ten steps into my room, “It’s 8:30, wake up!”

Oh come on, it’s not even eight! “I’m already up,” I would shout back as if I can sleep with her stomping upstairs.

She makes too many assumptions. Just because I don’t go upstairs does not mean I am sleeping. I am just hungry and besides, it’s not like there’s any breakfast upstairs. So for the last several nights, I’ve been sleeping early, trying to catch up on my sleep as it comes while working on NaNoWriMo when it doesn’t. I know, that’s classify as writing.

Beside sleeping, whenever I’m not writing, I will most likely be either working, doing homework or doing my next favorite thing, silently watching comedies on Hulu. I have to hold back my laughter though, unless I want to risk getting yelled at by mom. “You’re always laughing. No wonder you fail your tests and get such horrible grades!”

If not comedies, I will watch dramas which can prevent me from bursting into spontaneous laughter while it can provide so many ideas for my next flash fiction.

If I’m not watching my shows on Hulu, I’m most likely upstairs watching television. Honestly, I have way too many shows to catch up on since I have classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights which causes to miss my shows and on the nights I can actually catch up on my shows, all my favorite shows just happened to air at the same time slot.

The networks’ competition is creating a near impossible situation for viewers like me who only have a basic antenna and no DVR or any other kind of recording device. I mean I have a VCR but I don’t think I can even hook it up to the new TV and I don’t exactly want to try. So I can only pick a single show while I have to miss the rest and wait for it to appear in Hulu.

Of course, my other choice would be to do homework and study especially now with finals only three weeks away.

*Burst out laughing*

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