Dear Whoever,

I cannot be in more agreement with this quote.

Why are some people so fixed to work anyway? Why can’t we just slow down and enjoy life for once? Take a day off and instead of focusing on chores and worrying about the next day, we just kick back and chill?

What’s up with earning money anyway? It’s a bunch of paper and sure, it can get us so many things but it can never bring us happiness. That’s what I don’t understand. Some work their whole life, unhappily. Never slow down, always the same routine, running from one job to another and for what? Honestly, it just feels like they are chasing a bunch of paper.

How about this? Why do some people feel the need to control every aspect of not only their life but someone else’s life as well? Why can’t they just let that person make their own decisions?

My mom is one of those people. Money, work, and control freak, all-in-one.

It’s been over a month since she became unemployed and to tell you the truth, she’s even more stressed than when she had a job. And here I thought she was bad when she was working.

This is the third time, as far as I know, that she became unemployed. The first was in California, the second time was in Salt Lake City, and now, the third.

November so far has been hell for me, much much more hellish than October. At least, for October, I got to go on a trip far far away. This month, all I have to look forward to is Thanksgiving and even then, I will be working through it. Homework, translation job, you know.

November began with our tenants, delaying their payment of rent day-by-day. As each day went by, my mom grew anxious and took all her anxiety, frustration, and stress on me. Meanwhile, I have my own stress to deal with.

My grades are sinking and if I don’t really pick up my effort and do well in the remaining three weeks, I might end up failing my courses.

Of course, that was my goal from the beginning. I mean, who doesn’t want to do well in school? But chaos upon chaos fell down, hitting me like an asteroid. First, it was my mom’s other property. After the tenant moved out mid-September, it’s been struggling to rent out. She stuck the “For Rent” sign in front of the house and my phone’s been ringing off the hook but for some reason, it just couldn’t be rented out.

Then, it’s the other property. On the first of the month, my mom was anticipating the rent. She kept asking. “Do you think they will pay the rent on time this month?”

“I don’t know,” I answered. Honestly, I doubt it. I swear, she sucks at reading people. She sees the bad in good people and the good in bad people. I guess that’s a good thing in some situation but in this situation, it’s a horrible thing.

Anyway, 10 days later, still no rent and that’s when she realized, “They are using my niceness.” I wanted to clap and say, yay, you finally get it! She should’ve seen it from the first month.

Anyway, so much chaos and all I wish to do is to worry about everything another day and just rest for a day. You cannot believe how I wish time is frozen right now.

Thank you for listen,



8 thoughts on “Dear Whoever,

  1. I’m sorry to hear you are having to experience all this stress from your mom. I wish she could understand what it is doing to you and to your grades. Hopefully, ya’ll can get the property rented and the renters in the one home to pay his rent! Maybe then that will ease your mother’s mind. It is just stressful to be unemployed but worrying doesn’t help the matter and especially taking it out on other members of the family.

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    1. The up-side is that the property has finally been rented out and the down-side is the tenants still owe us $270. My mom wants to evict them but she doesn’t have the guts. Thank you for reading.

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  2. Sounds like the bad times are rolling for many of us. Sounds like the stress and anxiety of honelife is creeping into your college life.

    Control freaks are usually trying to run everything because of deep rooted insecurity and anxiety.

    Ah money, the root of all evil.

    “Money can’t buy you friends but it can buy you a better class of enemy”- Spike Milligan

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    1. I think I’m a bit of control freak myself too but at least I don’t try to control other people’s lives. I tend to just control the task/project at hand. Okay, maybe a perfectionist more than a control freak. Thank you for reading and I really like the quote. 🙂

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