Reflection Over Coffee #19

Okay, this is the last episode before this show goes on a break. That’s why I decided to do a cross-over. So I can do one comic for two shows. That’s right, The Foreshadower will be going on a break as well. The comics will be back in 4 weeks, after all my finals and the A-Z challenge is done.
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Reflection Over Coffee #18

For the first time ever, my real-life friend, Kat, is a special guest the show. This conversation about how she’s stressed out actually exist and not in my imagination. We texted back-and-forth and I borrowed the texts and translated into dialogues which made this comic extra easy to do. Hope you enjoy.
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Reflection Over Coffee #17

You would not believe what happened last week at school. Everyone’s telling me to vote vote vote for them!
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Reflection Over Coffee #16

*Yawn* so sleepy. I think I have post-spring-break sickness. Couldn’t spring break last just a bit longer?
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Reflection Over Coffee #15

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Reflection Over Coffee #14

My gosh! What a mess my co-host made last week but I fixed it. I liked the colors and stuck with it. This week’s edition is all about cleaning up. Have a great Monday and enjoy. 🙂
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Reflection Over Coffee #13

Happy President’s Day to people in the U.S. We get an extra day for our weekend. Woo Hoo. For that reason, I am ditching this week’s Reflection over Coffee (shh, don’t tell my co-host) and let my co-host, Angela take over. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of surprises. I just hope Angela won’t mess up the stage. I wouldn’t want to return next week to a train wreck. 😉
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Reflection Over Coffee #12

Happy Chinese New Year and welcome to another edition of my comic series: Reflection over Coffee. I want to thank those who have been following this series as well as welcome to new readers. I hope you enjoy this series and as always, the one with the black hair is me.  Continue reading “Reflection Over Coffee #12”

Reflection Over Coffee #11

I want to thank those who have been following this series as well as welcome to new readers. I hope you enjoy this series. Note: the one with the dark hair and clothes is me.  Continue reading “Reflection Over Coffee #11”

Reflection Over Coffee #10

This series has officially taken a turn. Due to the responses from last week, I have updated the series’ title and banner. Also, instead of me yapping my mouth off, I am going to let my comic book characters take over. I hope you enjoy this. Continue reading “Reflection Over Coffee #10”

Coffee House Ramble #9

In order to keep this series fresh, I have decided to take a different approach this week. I am going to perform the whole episode in the style of a comic strip. I hope you enjoy. Continue reading “Coffee House Ramble #9”

Coffee House Ramble #8

Weekly Coffee House Ramble

I would first like to apologize that I cannot be here today. I will most definitely be in my upper level Statistics class at the moment, probably counting down the 50 minutes until when I will be getting out to go to the bookstore and blow a few hundred bucks on textbooks. To tell you the truth, I would rather be in bed. I am not at all used to waking up this early.

But what can I say? All my classes this semester will be in the morning which means I will be getting up before dawn Monday to Friday. Weirdly, on the other hand, I’ve been looking forward to this semester. You may ask, “Why?”

In my heart, I have a feeling this semester will be different than the last. It will be better. For one, I am not taking any accounting classes this semester. I am taking business classes instead like management, marketing, information system, and of course statistics. For another, it’s just me going to school this semester, mom’s not tagging along, attempting to make my life miserable. She will pretty soon be working from day to night and I’ll be pretty much alone at home. I will get to have the car. I will get to stay at school for as long as I want and won’t have anyone texting me when I’ll be home. I just wish I get to go anywhere I want without mom knowing.

That will come at a cost though. Everything comes at a cost. Mom will be cranky and irritable. She doesn’t want to work and yet money’s her best friend. Don’t look at me, I didn’t tell her to take so many jobs.

I’ve made myself a promise at the end of last semester that I will enjoy this semester, that I will make an effort to make friends, to social, to network. I just hope I can live with this promise.

In case you missed last time:

Coffee House Ramble #7

Coffee House Ramble #7

Weekly Coffee House Ramble


Hey, what was up with last week? I was so excited but you never show up?

Didn’t you read my post? I was celebrating 1000th post and I thought I’d do something memorable.

Oh, and I’m not memorable?

No, I didn’t say that but you are a weekly event and I need something that says “Special announcement!” Anyway, how was your break?


That bad, huh?

[shrugs] So it’s the new year, you got any goals? Resolutions?

[shrug] I used to make New Year Resolutions but it seems like the more I make them, the more I promise myself to do something, the more I would end up not doing it. Like last year, I told myself, “You will exercise, keep exercising until you reach your ideal weight.” I think I did it a week or at least until my body was so sore that I could barely move and I just gave up. You can see that I have a problem with commitment.

You can do that again this year, just keep telling yourself and maybe now that you have a treadmill, it’ll be easier. Didn’t you say you had to drive somewhere else to go to the gym? [Nodding] Well, now you don’t. Maybe you’ll finally achieve your ideal weight. 

Okay, I see you’ve got a good point there. Maybe that was the obstacle all along. Maybe I will finally reach my dream goal. For now though, I think my main goal of 2016 is to finish my degree and graduate college for the second time. So do you have any goals this year?

[laughs] I’m in your head, remember? Your goals are my goals.

[laugh] Oh right.

In case you missed last time:

Coffee House Ramble #6

Coffee House Ramble #6

Weekly Coffee House Ramble

So we are four days from Christmas and evidently, my special friend thinks it’s high time for a break. Therefore, she’s not coming. It’s just me.  Continue reading “Coffee House Ramble #6”

Coffee House Ramble #5

Weekly Coffee House RambleCan I just have warm water this time instead? I haven’t been exactly feeling like myself during the last few days. Continue reading “Coffee House Ramble #5”

Coffee House Ramble #4

Before we begin, I just want to announce: the title for this blog has officially changed. It is no longer “A Simple Life.” From today on, it will be known as “Just Another Story.” You can go to the new about page to find out more about the new name for the blog.  Continue reading “Coffee House Ramble #4”

Coffee House Ramble #3

Where is she? I’ve been staring at my watch for the past 30 minutes. What’s worse than a no-show is making someone wait, don’t you agree? I’ve actually written a short post on this very topic but just haven’t published.  Continue reading “Coffee House Ramble #3”

Coffee House Ramble #2

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Coffee House Ramble

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